In this video series, My Year of Health (previously The Health Renewal Diaries) is an honest record of my adventures optimising my health. Enjoy!

This is all about empowerment, imperfectionism, body acceptance and a forward-looking approach to creating health (not fighting disease).

1: Introduction

2: The Health Check

3: Update – Wins From The First Two Weeks

4: Being Healthy on Holiday

I was lucky enough to escape the UK winter gloom and get away to Madeira for a couple of weeks. Video to follow talking about how I got on balancing fun with health on holiday.

5: Update – 25th January 2024

In this video

Clothes loosening and buying a smaller size


Decoupling the pub from drinking alcohol

Ankle weights

Fasting – everyone has their own journey

“Challenge but not overwhelm”

Optimization needed:  fitting work and health around each other

Update – End of February

Part 1

Part 2

March: The Low Carb Experiment

This is in a separate blog post – please see The 30 Days Low Carb Experiment

End of April Update

Replacing ‘Weight Loss’ With A Better Concept – 1st May 2024