Free Homepage Assessments

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How Do Potential Customers React To Your Homepage?

They love it & can't wait to tell all of their friends - but not before they've signed up 

They don't get it and are so confused that they have already left the room 

  • Are you tired of people not seeing the value that your business can offer them?
  • Do the words on your website to really speak to your ideal clients and customers and make them want to reach out to you, instead of you having to chase them?
  • Would you like more compelling stories that turn your social media into a genuine conversation that builds trust?
  • Do you communicate what people have to lose by not doing business with you?
  • Would you like to be in a category of one, and have raving fans who see you as the only real solution to their problems?


If you want your homepage to do a better job, it all comes down to three words:

Clarity    Story    Urgency



We spend so long on our businesses that it is easy to forget that a stranger looking at your website has two problems: A) They can’t read your mind and have no idea what you do before they visit your site, and B) They are constantly bombarded by too much information. Amidst this mental noise, what they need is for you to tell them what you do in clear and simple words and pictures.


We are all hardwired with a story gene. Stories persuade better than argument ever can. Storifying your message goes deeper than having more testimonials or talking about your Big Why. Which leads us on to...


This is not about creating fake scarcity or manipulating people. There is a powerful copywriting formula that taps into the ancient Hero/ine’s Journey (which is the hidden plot structure behind every Hollywood film) that can uplevel your business and position it in that category of one that every entrepreneur dreams of. Where the interest they have in your product or service turns into an urgent need.

Imagine your ideal customer being as invested in getting your help as they are in seeing how their favourite movie ends...

Does Your Homepage Need A Pair of Fresh Eyes?

My name is Harriet Morris and I am a coach, writer and podcaster. 

Words are more than my living: I love them!

At the moment I am setting up a copywriting business using the formula in Donald Miller’s bestselling book Building A Story Brand. I am looking initially to build up a portfolio for my new website (coming soon).

Here is my offer to you (subject to availability):


Free Homepage Assessment

~  V e r y   l i m i t e d   o f f e r  ~

~ 20 minute Zoom consultation to help me define details such as the value your business offers
~ At least 3 headline suggestions for you to choose from
~ Layout assessment with suggestions for how to make your homepage more profitable




This offer is subject to very limited availability.

It is not for you if you merely have a passing interest in improving your homepage.

You must be willing to have your homepage included in my portfolio, with before and after screenshots.

You must be able to implement any suggested changes that you like within one week, and be willing to give me a testimonial with your photo if you are happy with the work I have done.



Please email me

info {at}

with a link to your website . I will be in touch and let you know of my availability.