Video Script
The difference between a visitor’s attention when looking at a video vs text/images is like night and day.

I will work with you to create a 2-3 minute video script based on the idea of opening and closing a story loop: basically this means stating a problem and talking about it in such a way that you position your product or service as the solution. At the same time we will weave in social proof like testimonials into the script.

The script can be of you or someone else talking to the camera, or the narration for an animated or powerpoint presentation.

Fee: £250 or £50 if I can use it in my portfolio (limited time offer)

Want a complete done for you script and video? Contact me to  discuss your needs


Lead Generator PDF
Nobody is going to give you their email address just to get your updates. What you need is a valuable piece of content that helps to make your business stick in the mind of your potential customer. The trick here is choosing a piece of content that positions you as the guide without giving the farm away.

We will sit down and discuss the best option for you using your Brandscript and then I create the document for you. You check it over, and I then make any necessary changes based on your feedback.

Fee: £300 or £70 if I can use it in my portfolio (limited time offer)


Email Marketing

After consultation with you, I will create a welcome series of emails that follow the lead generator. This uses the specific strategy here that contributed to Storybrand becoming the multimillion dollar company that it is today.

Contact me for a quote and to discuss your individual needs


Your Networking Pitch

Ever zoned out during the round robins at networking events? So many people's 2-minute pitches position them as the hero, instead of the guide who understands their ideal customers problems better than the customers themselves.

I will craft a compelling pitch for you that will make you stand out among the noise.  I have found that concrete metaphors and even props are underused methods for achieving this.

Fee: £200 or £30 if I can use it in my portfolio (limited time offer)


Your One Liner

Do you struggle to answer the question "So - what do you do then?" when you are introduced to people? Avoid kicking yourself from now on! There is a specific process for writing a memorable one liner that combines elements of your Brandscript to give you the confidence and create opportunities you never knew existed!

Fee: £100 or £20 if I can use it in my portfolio (limited time offer)