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Joyful Minimalism

Before (above the fold)

After (above the fold)

Joyful Minimalism is a organizing service and the brainchild of decluttering expert Trista Ainsworth. 

The main issue with this homepage was a lack of clarity. At first glance, this could have been the website of an interior designer. The new image and tagline Come Home to Comfort communicate her value quickly and effectively. 

The 3 new, easy-to-read bullet points that replace the long list of services (see images below) have more emotional impact too.

The service that Trista offers is very personal; for example she helps her clients through emotional times such as clearing the home of a parent who has passed away. The clinical and impersonal homepage has now been replaced by warm colours and friendly font that reflect this.

The menu at the top was also overwhelming and we discussed removing the unneccessary links.

The overall result is a homepage that is both much more welcoming and easier to understand than previously.


Before (below the fold)

After (below the fold)

Harriet did a fantastic job of helping me to discover how to create a better homepage for my website and since I have worked with her I have seen an increase in clients.

She went through an amazing story-brand process with me. I loved the initial questions she asked me to clarify what my brand and business is about. That really helped solidify what was important and what wasn't. I loved how she really focused in on making my homepage get to the point for the visitor right away. She worked with me to strip away anything that wasn't necessary and focus in on the essentials so that potential clients would understand what I can help them with. I appreciate her attention to detail and I love the process that she goes through to make sure your homepage and your entire web page is clear to visitors.

Thank you Harriet for helping me make my website shine!

Trista Signe Ainsworth
Joyful Minimalism


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