What Is Resistance Shifting ?

Resistance Shifting is part of a coaching approach I call Possibility Shifting.

The great misunderstanding that so many people have about making any important change in life is that they do not recognise their own internal resistance and how natural it actually is.

When we fall off the diet/exercise/new business/in fact anything wagon, we blame ourselves and interpret the 'failure' as a fault within us.

In fact, what is happening is very natural: part of us feels threatened by change (no matter how awesome that change is).
This needs a more objective, positive approach that allows us to separate ourselves from our resistance. That approach I call Possibility Shifting.

The core concept at the heart of this approach is that you have been sold a lie about how to improve your life and empower yourself : namely, that you need to improve yourself.

Instead, possibility shifting sees limiting beliefs as faulty coping mechanisms. There is nothing in any of us to 'fix'. You are fine as you are.

Beliefs like "I am not enough" FEEL so true, and that is why people have an idea that they have to work to somehow be enough. But the work is never done and never seems help, even 10%.

The focus of this work is on shifting your focus to from self-improvement to

(A) Replace problem solving with Real Choices 

(B) Dismantling your resistance directly via Resistance Shifting Sessions  

(C) Moving towards the changes you long for in your thoughts and actions


What Resistance Shifting Has Done For My Clients

For some, trauma surfaced and was (and is still being) released.

For others, suicidal thoughts that had plagued them became a non-issue.

For one client, the self-censoring voice that told her she had to be constantly people pleasing started to quieten down. She started feeling great for no reason and developed a new resilience with not only the sensory overload that she suffered from, but towards a difficult co-worker. The co-worker's behaviour has started to improve in response to this! 

What Resistance Shifting Has Done For Me

Until 2022, I lived my whole life in the shadow of shame. Shame that didn't belong to me. In 12 weeks, Resistance Shifting helped me process trauma that decades of various approaches failed to do - and so put the shame out of a job. If you are interested, I go into more detail in this podcast episode

CBT, journalling, transactional analysis, hypnotherapy, reiki, spiritual healing, somatic experiencing, timeline therapy, and more - none of these made more than a small dent in how diminished my life was. 

I have released a great deal of the trauma that was stuck in my body for decades. I feel relaxed and safe in my skin now.

I started to document my changing relationship with my body and appearance in this podcast episode and this video diary.

I gave up my last addiction - gluten, or should I say bread  (which has a mildly morphine-like effect on the brain) and I am finally living directly. 

Living directly means

Being able to challenge the self-censorship stories you tell yourself 

Being able to tolerate difficult feelings without running to distraction or compulsion

You can read more of my story here 

How Does Resistance Shifting Actually Work Then?

This process works by tapping into an energy that has been called variously Jung's Collective Unconscious, the Superconscious and The Akashic Record. 

I see it as a consciousness that exists beyond the self conscious and unconscious minds. I see it as the benevolent CEO of the mind. During Shift sessions I communicate with this CEO and it is able to dissolve resistance to the things my clients long for. I see it as being able to calm down the unconscious, which in my case and for many others had been operating on high alert for years.

Be aware that you don't need to be traumatised to benefit from Shift Sessions.

This CEO has experience, wisdom and emotional resources way beyond those of either the conscious or unconscious minds. 

This work draws upon the teachings of William Whitecloud, Colette Streicher, Chris Duncan and Gary Flint.


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