What Is Intermittent Fasting? 


Intro - February 2021


Benefits of Any Kind of Fasting

Why is Fasting and Intermittent Fasting So Good For Us?

Imagine your body is a building that houses shops, flats, a school, offices. A nightclub and a cinema.

The building gets used too much and there is never any opportunity to clean it. Things start to break down. People complain but the problem is that the building is never empty.

Now imagine that a new buildings manager takes over. She says ENOUGH! Until further notice, I am shutting this building for 16 hours a day so that maintenance and cleaning crews can do their jobs - and they have a lot to do.

Now that the building is empty most of the time, it can start working again properly.

In this metaphor:

The building is your body.

Each room is a body cell.

The constant stream of people is food, especially processed carbs.

The buildings manager is intermittent fasting.

Now your body has a longer break from digesting food every day, it can give itself a mini spring clean and repair every day.

The maintenance crew and cleaners are your body, which now feels much better 🙂

The No.1 Mistake Most People Make

The Solution 

Turn It Into a Game!