What has this woman got to teach me about stopping bingeing? She is not thin enough.

Do you have to be thin to help people navigate their eating problems?

If your answer is a clear and simple YES, you are in the wrong place. The internet is full of websites that cater for your thinking.

If your answer is I’m not sure, but I’m glad you mentioned this, then read on.

The main focus of my work is helping people to change their behaviour. This often leads to weight change, but I do not focus on the scales, because weight loss has been hijacked by the diet industry. This issue is clouded with quick fix quackery, snake oil sales and a dark cloud of toxic shame.

I am not perfect. In fact imperfectionism is a key part of recovery from binge eating. 

At the time of writing, we are just exiting the covid era of restrictions. These prompted compulsive eating in me and weight gain. I talk about this on my podcast in this episode:

I feel that the following question is relevant to my listeners:

How can the compulsion that I have felt around food during COVID be of use to my listeners?

If this question seems a worthy one to discuss, then welcome aboard.


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