Welcome to The 8 Week Reclaim Your Life from Food Coaching Programme

Experience up to an 95% reduction in your binge eating, sugar addiction or compulsive behaviour around food without feeling deprived or bad about yourself

Thank you for committing to this transformative process.


What Happens Now?

#1 You will receive 2 emails very shortly: one has your invoice, and the second something I call The Desert Island Questionnaire. This is a fun exercise that will help me coach you better.



#2 In the second email I will ask you for your address so I can send you two signed copies of the coaching agreement, one for you to return signed. You can look at the coaching agreement here:



#3 I also want you to get going on the two coaching exercises below

#3.1 Get a notebook for journalling your Aha moments and breakthroughs, as well as successes during the next twelve weeks. I suggest a A4 hardbacked book, because it is harder to lose! 

Not a fan of journalling? It is important to record your successes and challenges. Let's talk about it in your first session.

Next, do The Success Audit



 #3.2 The Success Audit

In your journal, write the answer to the following 4 questions:


Q1: What specific goal or goals do you want to achieve in the next 12 weeks? 


Q2: Imagine it is 12 weeks from today. You have achieved the goals you set yourself around eating and health for this time frame. 

How have you had to behave differently from how you are behaving now for this to happen?

What different beliefs about yourself do you have now?

Do not worry if you have no idea how to change either your behaviour or your beliefs. This is all part of the programme!


Q3: Now think back to things you have achieved and learnt in your life that your teenage self would be completely unable to do. List them below (for example: driving, passing exams, managing difficult interviews, getting promoted, toilet training a toddler, learning a new language, living independently, travel, using new technology, dealing with difficult situations and people, fitness and eating goals (even if temporary), earning a certain amount of money).


Q4: Acknowledge everything you have achieved in life. Do the new behaviours and beliefs you need to develop seem more possible now?


What's In The The Programme?

*7 x 45 min weekly sessions by Skype, Facetime or phone plus one 90 minute initial session


*Session notes emailed to you within 48 hours - usually the same day


*5 x check ins per week (Mon to Fri) by Whatsapp, email, IM or text (you can also check in by emailing me at the weekends and I will reply on Monday mornings). We decide one specific action or habit for you to build on daily and you check in with me every day Mon-Fri and I reply. This is a powerful support strategy that really makes a difference.



*Secrets of Real Motivation AKA The Inner Shifts Series - 3 a week over the whole programme. Thought-provoking and liberating videos, audios and private client articles to really help you reclaim your life. Although the focus is on eating and body confidence, these shifts will empower you in all areas of your life: relationships, money and career, purpose and more. 





The Feel Better NOW Handbook - not available anywhere else, this ebook will get you to reopen the feelgood factory sitting idle in your brain - the 5 happiness switches I call D.O.S.E.R. If you are an emotional eater, you need this. Full of practical ideas to change your state RIGHT NOW so you do not need to resort to comfort or stress eating.


Programme Content

In this powerful 12-week programme, we will dismantle the core of your eating problem using a whole host of strategies: nutritional changes, simple neuroscience, reframing your self sabotage and highly practical techniques - to name but a few. We will weaken this force (using a range of crafty and creative techniques) so it loses its ability to control you. Result: you get your life back. This is about so much more than your eating.

Areas covered may include the following:

The 4 Paths To Freedom From Food

#1 Retrain Your Brain To Divert Cravings...and bypass willpower

Imagine having no cravings - how much easier would it be to avoid those powerfully addictive binge foods which create that overwhelming and destructive desire in you?

I cannot promise you that you will never experience them again. Instead, let me offer you a much more realistic possibility: that you can learn how to prevent a good deal of cravings in the first place, and then to divert that cravings energy into something harmless, even when you feel utterly compulsive. The great news here is that none of this requires any willpower - there are far more creative and powerful strategies at your disposal. Let me introduce them to you, and coach you into finding the best ones for you.


#2 Free Yourself From Sugar...and other mood hijacker foods

You know that there are certain foods you always turn to when the binge compulsion strikes. Sugar is the most common, but there are others. What they all have in common is that for many people they are what I call mood hijacker foods. They create mood swings, PMT, fatigue, brain fog and other unnecessary side effects that could be seriously affecting your confidence and quality of life.

I will show you how to liberate yourself from them using both nutritional and practical techniques as well as transformational reframing that completely changes the meaning of this challenge for you and reconnects you to your real power.

If short term dietary quick fixes and wishy washy positive thinking have failed you, let me work with you to turn this struggle into an adventure. The most important one of your life.


#3 Turn Off Emotional Eating...by flipping the 5 happiness switches in your brain

There are 2 ways to avoid emotional, comfort and stress eating: D.O.S.E.R. and postive channeling.

What is D.O.S.E.R? Have you ever had a hug from a friend you haven't seen that brightened up a lonely day, or got some good news in an otherwise difficult week, or despaired at why you only ever seem to enjoy life when you are on holiday? You believe that these feel good moments are at the mercy of external triggers (your friend, the good news or the holiday). This is dead wrong. You have an inbuilt feelgood factory in your brain, ready and waiting RIGHT NOW to produce genuine lifts in your mood and outlook.

You can take complete control of the 5 happiness switches that I collectively call DOSER, and do a huge amount to not only prevent emotional, comfort and stress eating - but also to improve your daily life. What are you waiting for?

What is Positive Channeling? The popular belief about emotions is that we would all be happier if we could ignore those pesky devils anger, shame, fear etc. The truth is that we have turned these uncomfortable emotions into monsters (and so made them more powerful than they need be) because we do not understand how they can actually HELP us be happier.

The solution is to positively channel them and so get them to dissipate naturally, which is as a learnable skill as the ability to read the words on this page. If you are sick of the time you spend feeling bad about feeling bad, these strategies will be a game changer for you.



#5 Neutralise Your Guilt and Shame...and get your life back

Guilt and shame are crippling. Imagine how much easier it would be to achieve eating change if you could get rid of them permanently? The key here is to understand that they have a misguided function: they really want to help you, but are doing it in a way that not only doesn't work, but actually makes you miserable.

Neutralising guilt and shame is all about looking at your inner resistance not as an enemy waiting in the wings in an invisibility cloak to ambush our best laid plans, but as something we have a choice to give in to or not. Once you start to use specific strategies to empower yourself to make the best choice,  you can move through your challenges not as a struggling survivor, but a thriving adventurer. Your eating becomes a tool to help you reclaim your life.