Or: why you need to start on any health goal at the wrong time

Here’s a contentious statement: If you’re starting to work towards any health goal – especially weight loss, you are starting at the wrong time.

I say ditch starting work on your goals now and come Timeshifting with me. 

Timeshifting is about starting work on your goals at the wrong time. When I say ‘wrong time’, I mean wrong time for your self-loathing. For your inner critic. For the part of you that is acting from guilt ad shame.

Timeshifting is about playing around with the relationship between intention and action.

The gap between intention for change and taking action on that change is often too small for big, sustainable transformations that you have longed for for years.

Because this tiny gap fails to deal effectively with internal resistance. (Don’t try to kid yourself that you are resistance-proof. Got a pulse? Then you have resistance).

Timeshifting is about honouring the change and taking seriously your resistance to it, in order to dismantle that resistance. You say to yourself: “What if I started to work on my 2023 goals 2-3 months early?” It simultaneously allows you to prepare well (as if for a job promotion or moving home), takes the pressure off AND at the same time you can get in under the radar of your resistance and start working on those goals now.

For example, instead of sabotaging your new year’s weight loss resolution during January, you found yourself making some unexpected leaps forward during your so-called ‘preparation phase’ in October?

What if you could wake up next New Year’s Day, having ALREADY made some significant changes to mind, body and soul without the pressure and struggle you are used to?

What if you could lose weight while making the scales a non issue?

What if you could actually make friends with your body and start working with them instead of punishing them into submission?

Does this sound  like 3 wishes that only a genie could grant? 

The truth is you can grant them to yourself.

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