Lose The Weight & Get Your Life Back

How long have you been trying to lose weight? How confident do you feel that the plan you’re following will give you the results you so desperately long for?

If you are not 100% confident about this, I have some good news and some bad news for you.(Then some even better news).

harrietmorrisdirectoryMy name is Harriet Morris and I am an eating psychology & body confidence coach. I can help you move beyond the too-good-to-be-true fake promises you’ve heard a million times before, to discover that changing your shape is a powerful way to change your whole life.

The good news:

There are far more effective ways to shapeshift than through resolve, AKA willpower. If you give me the time it takes to read the rest of this web page, I will explain.

The bad news:

There are no magic pills here. If you’re looking for some quick and easy fools’ gold fat loss programme – where the only pounds you lose are from your bank account – then I can’t help you.

The proof is in the numbers: out of 100 people who started dieting on 1st January, only one will have achieved AND maintained their loss by 1st January 2016.

The even better news:
Every single one  of the other 99 possess the ability to join that successful 1%.

Lifelong shapeshifting comes down to a fundamental quality that we were all born with. I used it as a springboard to not only shed over 40lb without dieting – permanently – but to help dismantle a 3-decade long compulsive eating problem.

No faddy eating plans, no hunger, no insane workouts in the gym.

What am I talking about?  It’s not willpower, self-discipline or superhuman powers of denial.

It’s curiosity.


Fran Lost over 40lb – And Got Her Life Back

fh“I feel enlightened to have seen the light finally on a healthier lifestyle. It certainly has felt more sustainable, mainly because you can feel a difference in yourself almost straight away – not just physically, but mentally stronger. I also started questioning social aspects of food such as advertising brand media and how we perceive food. I feel this is an important factor in how myself and many others have been/are overweight.

Since changing my way of eating, I now do not have migraines (which literally were disabling my life). No doctor had been able to help me for 3 years. Not one doctor spoke to me about sugars in foods. I now do not drinks diet coke, or any caffeine. I feel amazing, full of life and health. I sleep properly and am no longer angry and depressed, I feel like a new person. I have lost 3 stone, and my confidence and self esteem are though the roof!

I felt I could trust in Harriet 100% as she is so personable and a real human being with real experiences. When I’ve tried previous diets they have been branded big name diets and I felt a bit lost. Thanks to Harriet for helping me change me life”. Fran, Shrewsbury, UK

 Weight Release:

The 6 Paths To Take You from Struggle to Adventure

Eating Psychology Coaching: The 6 Paths To Take You from Struggle to Adventure

Here I lay out the 6 main areas I work through with my clients. Below I describe how the coaching works.


Path 1: Nutritional Changes
What foods are creating havoc in your mood and hormones, bloating in your belly and overwhelming cravings in your brain? Which surprisingly simple nutritional tweaks at breakfast can prevent evening bingeing and kick start weight loss? We experiment to identify these, then work on the baby steps needed to go beyond short term success and embed these changes as second nature.


Path 2: Lifestyle Changes 
In what ways is your lifestyle supporting your eating problems? While this may sound an odd question, I find many clients use their eating habits to sabotage the very changes they long for most. Do you kow tow to stress, believing it is just a fact of life? I can help you move through the challenges of your family, work and other factors in a way that empowers you – so that you no longer have to eat to deal with these issues. You use them as leverage to be yourself, only better.


Path 3: Pause Button Strategies

How to walk away from the deli aisle when your entire being is screaming for binge fodder. Ways to avoid taking the latest magic pill (real or metaphorical) to erase their issues with weight, mood, fatigue or digestion, when you know there is a better solution that serves and empowers you.  Pause button strategies CAN be done. I use techniques that have actually worked for me and do not rely on willpower (which is highly overrated). Clue: many of these tap into your inner rebel – a highly underrated force for change within you.


Path 4: Stand Up To Sabotage You
If you haven’t yet achieved the relationship with food you want, it’s ultimately down to one thing: Sabotage You. This is the part of your brain that orders you to overeat junk food on day 3 of your diet. But here’s the thing: Sabotage You is not your enemy. It’s actually trying to help you – it doesn’t think you can deal with shapeshifting. This very knowledge allows you to lose the useless guilt you feel over constantly falling off the wagon.
The work we do here is about recognising and acknowledging Sabotage You – then finding (sometimes crafty ways!) to overrule and prove to it you can eat without using it as a coping mechanism, and weapon against yourself. This area of coaching is without doubt the one that I find gives a sense of liberation to every single client I have ever worked with. It’s a huge game changer.


Path 5: Put Your Habits On Autopilot
How would you like to be able to turn and walk away from the most tempting foods, even if you have already decided to throw the towel in? I use simple neuroscience to show you how this is possible – if you don’t believe me, it’s because you are surrounded by people and a culture where willpower is seen as the only path to habit change. This is nonsense, and I can show you many curiosity-driven alternatives that tap into your Rebel Self. So even if Sabotage You is kicking up a fuss, even if lifestyle and nutritional changes feel impossible, I will work with you to embed the most important habits in the most doable way possible.


Path 6: Experimentation

You are a unique individual, and so need to experiment with finding what works for you. This is especially true if you’ve been sold magic wand solutions that claim to be THE answer to your food issues. Part of reclaiming your power (and that’s really what this whole work is about – eating is in essence a tool to do this) involves developing a new-found reliance on YOUR innate wisdom, not the latest best selling author. I am here to help you experiment in the most empowering way.


These 6 elements combine to take you from struggle to adventure – your own adventure in weight release. I can’t say how long it will take you, and it probably won’t be a smooth ride – but you can start feeling better about yourself – and empowered – straight away.


How Does Eating Psychology Coaching Work?

I offer coaching in person, by phone, Skype or Facetime.

The minimum I offer is weekly one-hour sessions PLUS email check ins – because part of our work involves exactly how you can implement the ideas we discuss. Information without action is a waste of time and money.

Beyond this I offer daily coaching videos, shorter and more frequent sessions (including daily sessions), written or (password-protected) video summaries of our sessions and more. Having regular accountability and support makes a huge difference to my clients.

What Does It Cost?

Fees vary depending on the level of support you require.


Please be aware I do not accept every potential client who wants coaching. I do not want to waste your time or money if we are not a good fit.

The best thing is to book an informal chat with me by filling in the form below, or alternatively emailing me : info [at] theshiftinside.com

and I can answer any more questions you might have.

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     Sam Lost 28lb – But That Was Just The Beginning…


    Samwarnerjune13170x247“I feel like I have regained control of my life. I used to hunt for food to solve samdjsmallhow I felt – but it’s no longer a crutch for me. There were strategies & tricks I got from the coaching that I never would have thought of myself, which have been invaluable and very effective. My skin has improved, I’m no longer on a moody roller coaster and I feel energised and generally fantastic!”

    How This One Quality Helped Me Shed Over 40lb – Permanently

    Picture the scene: it’s 2011 and I’m just about to turn 40. My life on the surface looks OK, but I’m carrying 2 burdens that are making me miserable: excess weight and a disastrous relationship with food.

    Even moderate stress triggers a trip to the supermarket to get my fix of high fat, sugar-laden food. 9pm snacks to stave off boredom are my staple evening’s entertainment.

    Any argument sends me straight to the fridge to stuff down my emotions. Exercise is something that’s great – in theory. My unused gym membership was proof of this.

    This was my life – and I’d got so used to it that I stopped noticing how small my existence had become.

    The truth was that I was living a diminished half-life by staying big.

    But I was about to get a wake up call: my 40th birthday.

    Reaching this milestone was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It was like the world was saying “It’s time to reclaim your life”.

    Time to stop wasting my precious life force on just wishing I was thinner. Being consumed by guilt over what I was consuming.

    Time to do something about it.

    And I mean really do something about it. No more following the latest fad diet for a month. If I didn’t do something drastically differently, I would just stay on the unmerry-go-round of binge-starve-shame-denial I was unwittingly riding.

    I said earlier that curiosity was the key for me. How so?

    Because it took me out of hoping someone else would figure it all out for me.

    Because it completely upended my sense of self as a weight loss failure. Once you ask yourself Why have I held onto these excess pounds? I mean really – why? You start to glimpse the hidden logic behind your bingeing and failed diets. You realise you are not some terrible person, or a born failure. Like the rest of the 99% of yo yo dieters,  you’ve just been misguided.

    Curiosity allowed me to try out different approaches to weight release, discard what didn’t work, and build on what did.

    It helped me through the discomfort that any lifestyle change creates, which by the way is always temporary. How much would you pay to be able to put your feet in autopilot and walk past addictive food X that is your dieting downfall, and not even want it? This ability is within your reach – but reclaiming that power involves sticking with the challenge that this important transformation brings.

    And it’s curiosity that will get you to double dare yourself to carry on.

    I still amaze myself that I have built an invisible wall between me and the high fat, high sugar aisle – and it took a few weeks. And guess what? That wall is indestructible.

    It wasn’t willpower, determination or self-discipline that built that wall. They all played a part later on – but the foundation was curiosity.

    And this is how I started the process of not only releasing my unwanted weight, but reclaiming my life.

    Release And Reclaim

    The weight I have released has turned out not to be the main event of my personal transformation, but merely the icing on the cake.

    Here’s what else has changed for me:

    * A huge surge in self confidence created by taking charge of my own life

    * A dramatic 80% drop in PMT (from psychotic to minimal ) due to what I call the nutritional ‘butterfly effect’ – discovering those small dietary tweaks that have a huge positive impact on hormonal balance.

    * Ditto mood swings, energy levels and the complete disappearance of brain fog

    * Empowerment resulting from understanding that shapeshifting is not only good for your health and looks, but is the doorway to becoming the powerful person you know you can be.

    * Changing career and retraining as an eating psychology and body confidence coach, which enables me to be a powerful force for good via my books, coaching and videos.


    Neil’s Story

    In less than a month, Harriet was able to coach me so I was able to overcome the negative habit of overeating at night. The changes she helped me make have been sustained and I am so happy with the resulting weight loss that is still happening ! She really understands the complex subject of the psychology of eating and is able to give that over in a fun and compelling way that creates lasting change.

    Neil Rischall, New York

     How Is This Approach Different From Other Weight Loss Methods?

    You Are in Control

    It puts you in the driving seat. I don’t tell you what to eat – instead I offer information to help you decide how to change what to eat in a way that you own rather than rebel against. I always negotiate with clients so that action steps are doable for them.


    Mind Power
    I leverage the power of your mind. Once you understand the effects of stress on your metabolism, you start to see that other factors such as how and when you eat could be the missing link, the reason that your body is holding on to those excess pounds.


    Get Curious
    …I help you become really curious about the potential you have to access your own innate wisdom about what and how to eat. This all so gives you a way to deal with from all the negative emotions that a big change like losing weight can create. I do a lot of work on the reframing problems with my clients, which is one of the most empowering processes I’ve had the privilege to experience.


    Permanent AND Realistic
    How many diet plans have you seen that promise 10lb loss in 10 days? Quick fixes that backfire on you do not interest me. I focus on helping you make permanent but doable changes, using a step-by-step approach.


    It is through taking control, understanding the power of your mind, ramping up your curiosity and taking things one step at a time that real, permanent weight loss is possible. You can also use the habit change skills you learn here for other areas of your life. This is not just about a number on your scales – it’s about working with (not against) yourself and living the life that you really deserve.


    Sian’s Story

    Harriet’s ideas have transformed my life. I knew I had to do sian105x105something when I started getting migraines so bad I had to lie down in a darkened room – not great when you have a lively 4-year-old to look after. I suspected sugar was the cause of all this. The results? No more migraines or even PMT, which I’m over the moon about.

    The Shift Inside gives you loads of practical ideas about how to stave off cravings. Harriet has been there – and through the videos keeps you motivated, even if you fall off the wagon. I had a slip up, but it was easy to get back on track. On day 30 it was a no-brainer to carry on, so I’m working through the videos again. You couldn’t pay me to go back to my old life.

    I’ve lost 20 lbs in total Feel in control of my life, no mood swings and best of all a healthy relationship with food. No stealing the kids Easter eggs! I’m so thankful for my new balanced delicious diet. Sian Brophy, Kilkenny (Ireland)