Today’s 2 minute video comes from Jeff Bezos – you may have heard of him. He owns a little online shop called Amazon. I LOVE what he says because he has come up with a very simple formula to get you to prioritise what’s important in life. The point for eating psychology? I’ll explain below.

You can apply his logic to any big change you want to make with your eating, health, body image etc.

You can’t have both the fleeting pleasure from the wrong choice and at the same time the very different kind of satisfaction that standing up to Sabotage You creates.

Which will you regret more when you are 80 – trying and failing, or not trying at all?

There is always resistance to any change, and fast forwarding yourself to the twilight of your life gives you a certain power over that resistance.

Your version of Bezos’ question might look something like this:

Do I want this food more than I want to change?

Invariably the answer will be NO (Harriet factoid: the central issue here is around fake pleasure…watch this space for my upcoming video on the difference between real and fake pleasure).