Victim To Hero/ine

Transforming your sense of yourself from victim to hero/ine is one of the deepest most transformative things you can do. Donald Miller's book Hero On a Mission has some really helpful aha moments to help you. Here are some of the quotes I have captured from reading it 


I really like Hero On A Mission, but there is a piece I think Miller misses out that is massively important for many people: the role of shame. They are carrying toxic shame that was foisted on to them as a child, and that shame feels paralysing. Victim thinking feels like the only viable option.

It is entirely possible to dismantle toxic shame. there are different ways to do this. Ihave found that the most effective is to work on your interpersonal boundaries. By doing this, you invoke the principle of actions change beliefs...actions that start to dissolve your shame. 

What is the most important boundary for you to strengthen in your life right now? 

What is the easiest boundary to strengthen?