Go from being a frustrated people pleaser  to setting boundaries with ease and grace – so you can say YES to life

Core programme 

Core programme 

+ one-to-one coaching 


Or 2 payments of £140


or 2 payments of £435

Deal more effectively with narcissists & energy vampires

Show up stronger and get more out of most relationships in your life 

Neutralise the guilt and shame you have felt for people pleasing 

Introducing Unbounded

Setting boundaries is a skill that anyone can learn - you just need the right support

About This Programme

This programme consists of four modules, which take you through mindset, foundations and implementation - and finishing with a focus on narcissists and energy vampires. You can join the coaching calls or study on your own - it's up to you.

What you will learn

How to reduce overwhelm so you can do this important work
How to swap victim thinking for the adventurer's mindset
How to set boundaries without anyone noticing - yes, sometimes that is absolutely possible
How to use humour to make this whole process easier and actually enjoyable

I Don't Have to Worry Anymore

After working with Harriet, I can now make decisions for myself that give me what I need and fulfil my needs, and I don’t have to worry so much about upsetting or not pleasing other people.

Caito Stewart

Are You Ready to Get Your Life Back?

What would you do to get your life back? 

How about 4 transformative modules & 6 coaching sessions?

An  Adventurer's  Mindset

What if boundary setting were a skill that you can learn in an empowered way?

Failure-Proof Yourself

Reframe each boundary setting experience as a skill building success

Learn how to stand up to narcissists and energy vampires - often with the minimum of conflict 
Learn how to say no when you need to in an elegant and classy way

Discover what internal boundaries are, and how they make external boundaries easier to maintain
Find out what Ludigreements are, and why they can make this challenge actually funny at times!
Reframe boundary setting so you cannot make a mistake - and go easier on yourself
Understand how better boundaries are part of the process of moving into a more powerful stage of life 

What's  Inside  Unbounded?

Module 1: The Adventurer’s Mindset

We will start off with a process for reducing overwhelm in your life – and implement it in week one. Imagine feeling better and having more energy before you even get going on the main focus of the course! Find out what a Gunderwhelm Day is (you’ll love it, trust me!)

You will do a boundaries audit so you know how to start mapping out the main path for setting boundaries. You will identify where you need to focus most energy. Should you start small or tackle the most important boundaries first? Only you can decide – but you will find the guidance you need.

We will also help you neutralise the story you have been telling yourself about your people pleasing identity.

We will start to integrate the hero/ine journey thinking and /or the Queen/King identity and will will look at this in the context of the four main characters in every hero/ine’s journey. I will help you mine your favourite film or novel for inspiration to help you start to show up as the perfectly imperfect adventurer of your own life. 

Module 2: Internal Boundaries

We will  look at what the concept of internal boundaries and why they are so important in laying the foundations for showing up differently with those around you. The exercises around this topic will further reduce your overwhelm.

You will also be practising boundary building with strangers: shop staff, customer service people, your local barista.  You can start showing up differently without people even noticing with a list of subtle boundary builders!  

We also dive into how to calm Cavebrain using some 2,000 year-old wisdom and learn how time leapfrogging can help here.

You are also going to grasp the concept of silent agreements and why they are so powerful - and how the identity work you did in module one can revolutionise them.

We finish this module with a look at how to change your limiting beliefs, even deeply-ingrained ones. And don’t worry, there will be no wishy-washy wishful thinking or bland affirmations that fall flat in real life. What I have for you is 100% Cavebrain-friendly!

Module 3:
Well-Meaning Energy Drainers

If you have issues setting boundaries, it is important to differentiate between two types of people you need to deal differently with moving forward. Module three looks at WMEDs: Well-Meaning Energy Drainers.

You know who I’m talking about. Your best friend who would do anything for you, but steals your only night out in months by crying on your shoulder about her endless relationship problems, which now have more episodes than Game of Thrones. Or your stressed out colleague who thinks everyone should be working unpaid overtime to keep the department going – and somehow you get roped into the late nights in the office.

These people are WMEDs – well meaning energy drainers who have good intentions, but suck the life out of, well, your life.

I will show you how to create healthy boundaries with WMEDs without ruining your friendships – in fact they may well be stronger and more enjoyable as a result.

You’ll learn how you can change relationship agreements without even having to talk about it. How powerful is that? 

Module 4:
Narcissists & Energy Vampires

There are some people who intentionally cultivate a power imbalance with those around them. You are going to learn how to stop being the easy target for their manipulation. 

First of all, we use the best weapon in our arsenal – humour! If you can reduce the level of perceived emotional risk, you get Cavebrain on board and so everything becomes easier. Discover the 13 letter word that will alienate you from your fear of these people – and make you laugh your socks off!

I will also teach you a great mental state to develop that will help you show up stronger in unfamiliar situations where you are setting boundaries for the first time.

1 to 1 Coaching

This is available to you if you want some in depth support to help you implement the ideas in this programme that may feel more challenging . This option comprises 4 one hour Zoom calls. I can help you plan ahead for specific boundary setting situations particular to you. 

This option also includes 8 weeks of daily check ins (Monday to Friday), and you can space your sessions out beyond the end of the programme. Contact me (info {at} theshiftinside.com) if you would like to discuss this option. 

Don't forget that you also get two bonus Enrich coaching calls (see below for details) if you pick this option, bringing the total number of calls up to 6.

A Freedom I Never Knew Existed

I have been able to create a personal freedom I did not know existed. Thank you Harriet for helping me to create a life where I feel that I am in control and can still be who I am as an empath.

Trista Ainsworth

Plus These Bonuses

The Resilience Toolkit

This bonus module will help start you off strong for the beginning of the main programme – and at the same time have some fun! 

This toolbox includes some really fun and imaginative ways to reframe any important challenge, and get you so excited that motivation becomes irrelevant.

I will reveal the reason that so many people self-sabotage their goals – and give you an easy – enjoyable, even – way to start being one of those people who can maintain sustainable change. 

Easy Boundary Setters PDF

This is a PDF of 15 easy boundary setting strategies that you can start using right now. 

These ideas start your staircase easily and subtly - often without anyone noticing!

Unbounded Stories Audio

3 available now, and more to be added in June (at least 15 in total)

This is a series of audios where I describe real life stories of boundary issues, how I reacted, and lessons I learnt. These are completely honest, warts and all accounts, filled with disasters as well as triumphs. 

The Enrich Sessions

So you have set healthy boundaries – but there is a bit of a hole in your social circle. 

The Enrich sessions are two hour-long coaching calls that will help you solve this problem. Please note that this option is a bonus for anyone who chooses the coaching option. It is not available if you opt for the online content only.

A richer social life with new connections will help you move on from relationships that no longer serve you – but how to achieve that, especially if you are an introvert? 

Let me help you navigate a more enriching life, free of unhealthy relationships. 

I Was Able To Use My Words

After talking over a difficult incident with Harriet, I was able to use my words and say “It hurt me” - and the person concerned apologised for that, and said how valuable I am to this process, to this organisation.

Larissa Malcolm

About Harriet Morris 

Boundary setting changed my life 

I started coaching mostly women with binge eating and sugar addiction in 2014. 

In 2020, I realised that I am an empath and began The Stop People Pleasing Podcast. While being an empath is a huge bonus in coaching, I came to realise that my empath nature had been holding me back in my personal life as far back as I can remember. 

Just like you, I have let narcissists and energy vampires take advantage of me. I have sat and patiently listened to well meaning energy drainers ruin my night. I too have felt bad because I had to leave that crowded bar early, unaware that I was unconsciously absorbing an overload of others’ energy. I have felt paralysed by my highly sensitive nature at times.

A few events in lockdown conspired wonderfully to prompt me to start showing up differently. Uninspired by 99% of the self help books for empaths (or should I say nohelp books???), I took matters into my own hands and started experimenting with creative ways to challenge myself. 

I have ditched energy vampires, and developed non confrontational ways to protect myself from WMEDs (these are the non toxic energy drainers). 

The result is that I feel liberated in a way I never have done before. It was never my empath nature that was the problem, it was my own mismanagement of it that caused me so much pain. You too can manage your empath nature and free yourself from misery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on the coaching calls?

These calls are a chance for participants to discuss boundary setting issues in a safe space. The programme can be taken separately from the calls.

There is no new content presented in these sessions. 

These calls will not be recorded in order to let participants share as openly as they want to. 

I am terrified of boundary setting. Can you really give me confidence in 6 weeks?

I have designed this programme for people who are scared of setting boundaries. The first two modules focus on mindset and preparation so that you can navigate your fear in an empowered way, with others who understand you. 

Unbounded helps you unlock confidence in a real grounded way because I teach you how to navigate your fear. You never progress at a pace that is too demanding for you.

I live with a narcissist who is making my life hell.       I am pretty scared of him/her. Can you help me?

This programme will help shift your mindset and sense of self to put yourself in the strongest position possible to make changes and get help. The information given is general. It is up to you to implement the ideas and make the necessary changes. The coaching sessions are a safe space for you to share and get support in making the best decisions for you. 

I am worried that if I set boundaries, I will have no friends left. What can I do about that?

It may be that you will choose to distance yourself from some people in your life. But this is not always the case, and setting healthier boundaries means that many people feel less resentful and enjoy richer relationships as a result. 

Feel free to bring any worries about this issue to the coaching calls.

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