Shapeshifting 2020

Join this exciting 90 day programme and replace the repeated failures of weight loss with a sustainable and empowering alternative for life: Shapeshifting

The January Shapeshifting group is now closed to new members. To talk to me about being part of the next group, please apply below

Important! Read This Before You Apply 

One thing that it is important to be aware of is that this programme has been created out of my own recent experience shapeshifting – and it’s still ongoing.

You can read more about my shapeshifting story here, but suffice to say that the relationship I have with my body is now about resilience, strength (both physical and emotional) and managing life.


Imagine if shapeshifting stopped being about trying to guilt yourself into change and instead became a beautiful tool to live stronger every day for you?

That reaching your ideal size was just the beginning of a better life for you?


  • Uses neuroscience to ramp up your motivation to make the best food choices
  • Small group support
  • Learn the principles of Shapeshifting that turn this struggle into an adventure
  • Develop self-acceptance in your body and mind
  • No set meal plans - instead, sound nutritional principles that you adapt for yourself
  • Calm your inner food rebel using guidelines YOU set for yourself
  • How to turn this challenge into your heroine's journey
  • Fall off the wagon one day? No problem - learn how to neutralise guilt and get back on track ASAP
  • Motivate yourself get more active, no matter how unfit you are
  • The world's most obvious shapeshifting secret - hidden in plain sight. Learn how to implement it
  • The Mindshifts you need - go beyond empty cliches like 'think positive' and overcome your deepest resistance to this change you want so much

Shapeshifting Was Just The Beginning For Fran

Since changing my way of eating, I now do not have migraines (which literally were disabling my life). No doctor had been able to help me for 3 years. Not one doctor spoke to me about sugars in foods. I now do not drinks like diet coke, or any caffeine. I feel amazing, full of life and health. I sleep properly and am no longer angry and depressed, I feel like a new person. I have lost 3 stone, and my confidence and self esteem are though the roof!

I felt I could trust in Harriet 100% as she is so personable and a real human being with real experiences. When I’ve tried previous diets they have been branded big name diets and I felt a bit lost. Thanks to Harriet for helping me change me life


Shapeshifting 2020 is a small group project lasting 90 days.

Here is the truth: The diet industry has peddled so many myths and half truths, and many strategies for changing your shape and weight that are accepted as axioms are at best overused, and at worst engines for self-sabotage.

However, I believe that even if you use the far more empowering tools and ideas in this programme, there is still a significant effort required (The difference is that you will feel better and more empowered right from the start).

I want to work with a small group of highly committed people who are willing to put that effort in.

Listen to these episodes of The Eating Coach podcast for more details on the concept of shapeshifting:

The Backwards Law of Weight Loss

What is Shapeshifting?

What's In The Programme?

Regular online content - fundamental principles, actionable tools to improve your mindset and motivation and neutralise guilt

Weekly online group video meetings via Zoom on Wednesdays and Sundays. Times TBC

I am also investigating the possibility of an online space where group member can gather digitally. Depending on what members request, this may be a Slack or Facebook group. I realise FB is not everyone's favourite platform. To be discussed!


Accountability - Monday to Friday daily check ins via voice or text message

1 to 1 Coaching sessions via Zoom

Who Is This Programme For?

This is most suited to anyone who is disillusioned with the weight loss programmes that have failed them in the past, and is willing to try a different approach. 

You do not have to blindly accept the ideas in this project, but instead an experimental approach is essential. OK, I'm willing to give this strategy a go for a couple of weeks...and see what happens. Let reality be the judge.

You have to be willing to challenge yourself. 

Would you benefit from being made accountable?

Are you able to ask for help when you are struggling?

Are you willing to stop blaming yourself if you fall off the wagon - but at the same time take responsibility for this change you are so desperate for? In other words, do you want to be rid of the victim stories you have told yourself about your weight?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you are already way ahead of most people. And I would love to hear from you! Please apply ASAP for an exploratory call about taking part in Shapeshifting 2020.