Audiobook + PDF

A shot of confidence to help you walk away from the junk

- even when you feel 100% compulsive

Use The Anti-Binge Toolkit to stop compulsive or binge eating in its tracks

This toolkit is the springboard for a life free of compulsive eating. It will give you the confidence to know that you CAN stop any binge - no matter how long you have been suffering with this problem.

It is designed for you to use on yourself. As an eating coach with 5 years experience helping people like you stand up to their eating compulsion, I know how expert you probably are at hiding this issue from the people you love.


This Toolkit Will Help You If...

  • Good intentions and willpower desert you at the first sign of the binge urge
  • You feel terrible for eating compulsively - yet you can't seem to stop yourself
  • You're afraid you'll always be like this
  • You wish you could stop thinking: “I just can’t stop”
  • You are ashamed of your bingeing and cannot face asking anyone for help

What's In it and What Does It Cost?

Audiobook and PDF

Guided Walk Away From The Junk audio

Audiobook and PDF

Guided Walk Away From The Junk audio

plus Personalised Guided Audio

Fill in a questionnaire and within a week you can download your unique private recording with up to 10 visualisations. Subject to availability.

Note 21.12.18: I am away until 2.01.19 - any personalised audios will be created by 10.01.19



How Will The Anti-Binge Toolkit Help You?

  • Give you a confidence you never knew you had to change
  • No self-belief required
  • Discover what Imagination Leapfrogging is
  • Silence your Shame Voice with this 6-letter word
  • Helps you find your own level of challenge that is right for you
  • Increases your sense of what is possible

Full Disclosure:  this toolkit is not enough, on its own, to end your binge eating. It is a springboard to change. Think of it as a shot of confidence that you can learn to give yourself again and again.

How the personalised guided audio works: fill in a questionnaire with details that will help me create the most motivating, inspiring, unique visualisations (up to 10) for you alone. I then record your audio (minimum 5 minutes) which you can access on a private page on my website or download - or both.

Harriet Morris

The Eating Coach

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