No More Fear of Hunger

A chance to release yourself from constantly kowtowing to food

Would You Like To:

*Reduce emotional eating

*Stop thinking about food so often that you bore yourself

*Manage your Cavebrain better

*Live more fully

*Be able to manage your eating without falling into the deprivation - binge cycle


No More Fear of Hunger

In this one month coaching experience,  Harriet Morris will help you navigate your fear of hunger in a way that you can tackle. Using a blend of one-to-one coaching and practical resources, you will benefit from small no-pressure steps facing your hunger, relaxation audios, nutritional changes that make hunger easier to tolerate, understanding the science behind hunger, big picture reframes to put this challenge in the context of your hero/ine's journey and more. 

Whether you are interested in laying the foundation for experimenting with fasting, or you are simply sick of living at the beck and call of your appetite, this transformative experience will put you firmly in the driver's seat of your life again.

Imagine what it is like to...

Go from constantly stressing about meals to being able to get on with your life

Feel the excitement of overshooting your limiting beliefs

Release yourself from your compulsion

Have a confidence in your ability to change 

What To Do Now

Simply send me an email to info (at) with Interested as the subject line and I will send you more details.