The 2 Minute Happiness Experiment: 

Part 2

In an earlier post I told you about The 2 Minute Happiness Experiment.

Basically the idea is that you think of small ways to up
how much pleasure and purpose you access in life…
giving our sabotage selves less reason to overeat.

Today I want to focus on purpose.
This, in my experience, is the perfect thing to do in such
a small bite-sized way.

Why? Because most of us are nowhere near living our potential.
We are instead living in the shadow of the fear or our success
(far more insidious and powerful than the fear of failure).
The solution is to take baby steps.

Here are some things you can do every day to connect to your purpose…
*Daydream or even better, journal about….

– what your superpower would be. It can be anything –
the ability to stop two people arguing, a magic powder that
dissolves self-loathing, the power to speak your truth with zero fear etc.
Or you can go for invisibility!

– the one single thing you could change about your life or the world
in the next five years. In this thought exercise,
you have your superpower at all times.

– who do you know who is living even a little of
what you feel is a purposeful life. How can you be just
a tiny little bit like them? For example, loads of people admire
Richard Branson. We can’t all achieve his level of success, but you could imagine his brain has been transplanted into your head.
What would he do right now, in your situation, with your resources?

* Consider setting a percentage of everything you make aside for micro loans.
These are loans to small business in developing countries.
I have been doing this for the last year, and I’ve seen not only
my income increase, but a huge decrease in my first world wealth guilt.
Every time I make money, I help some hard-working person
free themselves from poverty.
Your £20 is worth probably £200 to them.

Find out more about micro loans at

No matter how tough your day is, when you make a micro loan,
you inject purpose into your life.
How have these ideas about pleasure and purpose helped you,
especially with your eating challenges? Let me know.

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