I was online the other day when this caught my eye:


No need to bother getting the kids’ new school uniform next week then, eh?

Seriously, there’s a bit of gold in this insane scaremongering.

What if you really did only have a short time left to enjoy on this planet?

I’m sure you can list all the things you’d do.

But what about the things you WOULDN’T do?

Wouldn’t worry about.

  • Like your waistline, for example.
  • How many calories you ate yesterday.
  • Why your tummy isn’t flatter.
  • Or the number on a stupid scale.

What are you giving energy to that would be ejected from your brain immediately if an asteroid really were to hit the earth?

Special offer: That asteroid attack? It very very very probably won’t happen.

BOGOF offer: you don’t need to go back to wasting your precious life on those things, that toxic mental clutter.