What are These You Look Great Cards, Then???

A few participants in The Body Confident Project told me that they liked the She Looks Great date so much that they wanted to start telling others how great they look.

And so the idea of the You Look Great cards was born.

Obviously there is no pressure to give any out, but keep them in your bag, and you never know when the moment might present itself to give one to a friend or member of your family.

On the back of each card is a secret webpage with details of what the BCP is, and an offer for the lucky lady to get the first 5 days free!

How To Use Them

Below I have written down some thoughts about what to do with them. 

The main thing is that this should be a fun thing to do! Never feel that you have to give them all away. Just have them with you and the right moment will present itself. 🙂

At the time of writing (before the cards have arrived - this idea has yet to be tested) I am envisioning 3 scenarios where you give these cards away:



...where you give someone a card as part of talking about your experience doing the BCP.

Things to say:

"I’ve been doing this body confidence project for a few weeks. It’s really interesting. I’ve stopped trash talking myself. I tell you what, I am sick of hearing other women put themselves down. I mean, look at us! We look great but when do we ever say it? In fact, let me give you this”.


Last night I was chatting to a bloke about The BCP and I said “Wouldn’t it be great for you if your girlfriend said ‘Don’t I look great, sweetheart?’ He agreed! Men want women who will make them feel like a man, and body acceptance is probably the most powerful way to do this.

He could give a YLG card to his girlfriend. People you talk to could give one to their daughter, best friend or sister who is especially plagued by low confidence.


...where you give the card to someone about whom you think ‘Wow! She really DOES look great!’

I am imagining that most of these times it will be people that you know or have been introduced to.

If it is a complete stranger, you can say “Excuse me, but I just wanted to give you this card”.

PLEASE AVOID dropping a card into someone’s bag or leaving it on their table when they go to the bathroom. I believe that the YLG cards will only have impact and make people curious if you hand one to them. Plus, you never know when doing something like this anonymously might make a woman feel uncomfortable. She might think some creepy bloke left it there.


These cards are intended for you to give to women who you actually do think look great. Not every single woman you see. Not women that you force yourself to think ‘She Looks Great’. The reason I say this is that many people are naturally suspicious of someone giving them a card like this, and will assume you are trying to sell them something they don’t want.

I have designed the cards so that their curiosity outweighs their skepticism. If you really think Wow, she actually DOES look great, she will sense it.

If you see one woman who you want to give a card to with one or more friends, either give everyone a card, or nobody. Can you imagine how soul-destroying it would be to be the friend of someone who gets YLG card? 

Let Me Know How You Get On!

I am keen to hear how you get on giving these cards out.

Even better, to hear that you want some more when yours run out!

Just email me: info {at} theshiftinside.com