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One of the great mistakes we as humans do is to underestimate how sneaky our own resistance can be. When we fall of the diet/exercise/new business/in fact anything wagon, we blame ourselves and interpret the 'failure' as a fault within us.

This needs a more objective, positive approach that allows us to separate ourselves from our resistance. That approach I call Possibility Shifting.

Possibility Shifting develops my previous ideas about dealing with resistance to a new, very powerful level. The core concept at the heart of this approach is that you have been sold a lie about how to improve your life and empower yourself : namely, that you need to improve yourself.

Instead, possibility shifting sees limiting beliefs as faulty coping mechanisms. There is nothing in any of us to 'fix'. You are fine as you are.

Beliefs like "I am not enough" FEEL so true, and that is why people have an idea that they have to work to somehow be enough. But the work is never done and never seems help, even 10%. 

The focus of this work is on shifting your focus to from self-improvement to:

(A) Getting Clear On What You Want (NOT escaping what you don't want)

(B) Dismantle Self-Sabotage

(C) Align Your Actions With Your Intentions

What People Are Saying About Possibility Shifting Sessions


I’ve been much calmer with my daughter over the last few days, especially during those pressure points like leaving the house on time. I’m excited to find out more!

Rachel Scotland


The session gave me confidence to talk to my partner about a sensitive issue that I would normally have dreaded discussing. Me showing up differently affected his response, and the discussion was far more positive than it would have been.

It also had a big sensory benefit. I find it hard to cope with the noise and demands of my young children, but I have found over the past week that they just don’t bother me so much.

Eve United States

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