Upcoming Interactive Talks from Harriet Morris

Deactivate Your Limiting Beliefs

Wed 12th July 2023

6pm UK (1pm Eastern - 10am PST)

  • Find out how to make your limiting beliefs irrelevant
  • Discover how people you admire like Malala and paralympic athletes stepped over their blocks instead of trying to fix themselves
  • The other component you need to deactivate your unwanted negative thoughts

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I’ve been much calmer with my daughter over the last few days, especially during those pressure points like leaving the house on time. I’m excited to find out more!

Rachel Scotland


The session gave me confidence to talk to my partner about a sensitive issue that I would normally have dreaded discussing. Me showing up differently affected his response, and the discussion was far more positive than it would have been.

It also had a big sensory benefit. I find it hard to cope with the noise and demands of my young children, but I have found over the past week that they just don’t bother me so much.

Eve United States