Getting Your Kids Off Sugar Is Easier Than You Think

Talk with Harriet Morris

at The Festival of Motherhood - Shrewsbury, 21st May 2017

She kept Cadbury in business for years, but has been 95% sugar-free (and deprivation-free) since 2012

Harriet is an eating coach and self confessed ex-chocoholic who will show you how to start reducing the amount of sugar your children eat without them feeling deprived or getting into conflict in your kitchen!

She has appeared on The Entrepreur on Fire podcast, has over 25,ooo views on YouTube and is the author of 4 books.

Most importantly, she will talk honestly about the very real challenges of changing her own (far from perfect) kids' sugar consumption and give you some practical takeaways to start helping your children right now. 


Find out:

  • How to turn this challenge from a struggle to an adventure for your kids
  • Creative tricks to get children (even if they have autism) to try unfamilar foods
  • How to make yourself frustration-proof
  • The single most important thing to remember if you don't want the whole thing to backfire
  • Why artificial sweeteners are wolves in sheep's clothing and what to use instead
  • How helping your kids get off sugar can actually be a way to bond with them - if you do this one thing

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