Superconscious FAQ

What is Superconscious?

In this work, we have three minds: the self-conscious (AKA the conscious mind), the unconscious and the Superconscious. Each has a different job:

Self conscious - planning HQ for your life, in charge of goals etc

Unconscious - automatic guidance system, in charge of many things you take for granted (eg temperature control, ability to read and drive etc). Also automatic threat detection system AKA fight or flight.

Superconscious - a superpower we all have that can dismantle blocks to success. Most importantly in my life and that of my client base is that it can calm the unconscious in a way that I have never seen before.

This video goes into more detail about the three minds:

What sort of problems can Superconscious help people with?

I have seen the following either made completely irrelevant or their effect massively reduced:

Anxiety, compulsive eating, depression, stress, type II diabetes, suicidal thoughts, lack of confidence, trauma, loneliness, stop eating addictive foods, shame, back pain, erectile dysfunction, standing up to narcissists.

For myself, the standout life changing thing Superconscious has done for me is allowing me to  process sexual trauma that had deeply affected me for decades - in twelve weeks. This has freed me on a level that is difficult to describe. It also helped me - at the age of 51 - get into a wonderful relationship after being single for nearly five years. It has brought me more business success and I use it to manage my mobility issues. Last week I walked around Edinburgh for three days at the fringe festival - something that I had not thought possible before I started this work. I also used it to make my period come early last month (so I could enjoy the fringe 😃). Now that really IS magic!


What happens in a Superconscious session?

We start off by deciding a choice in your life, for example you might choose health and vitality. We do some unpacking questions before the closed eye part. In this, your conscious mind does nothing - you are only required to  close your eyes and relax. I then connect to, and talk to your Superconscious, which is able to calm down any conscious and unconscious fears that may be blocking you taking the best actions for your choice

For example, if someone is surrounded by chronic dieters who continually fall off the wagon and for whom failure is the norm, this person's unconscious might be scared that the tribe of dieters will reject them if they stop dieting and find a better path to health. Many people's unconscious equates rejection with danger.

In this situation, the Superconscious calms down the unconscious to let that person behave differently.

The wonderful thing is that this closed eye process is generally a very pleasant relaxing experience, with clients regularly reporting feeling super relaxed and happy afterwards and sometimes seeing different colours during the closed eye session.

The best thing is try it out yourself by attending a taster session.

Who 'discovered' It?

The work I do with Superconscious was developed variously by Dr Gary Flint, William Whitecloud and Colette Streicher. Chris Duncan took elements of all these people's work and created a process called Magnetic Mind. His organisation, Conscious Education, is who I am training with.

Why Haven't I Heard Of It Before?

Great question and one I asked myself when I discovered it. All I can say is that the world - and indeed the internet - is a big place. Chris Duncan has done a lot to publicise it and you can find his videos on YouTube, which have had millions of views.


What's The Difference Between What Magnetic Mind Does and Your Sessions?

In a word: numbers. Magnetic Mind is a movement and Chris Duncan has stated his intention to have 50 million people experience Superconscious. In the MM community, there are hundreds of people on each call.

What I found when I started training in this work is that the small training sessions for coaches were so much more powerful than those massive Zoom calls. 

I work either on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups.  I love the personal interaction of this.


What's The Catch?

The 'catch' is that Superconscious is not a panacea. It is a tool, and you know what happens if you do not pick up a tool and use it. 

My process with clients is as follows:

1 Working on making true choices (not problem solving)

2 Superconscious sessions

3 Aligning with the true choices the rest of the time.

Number three is definitely 'the catch'. Some people want Superconscious to do all the work, or they want their problems to disappear in a matter of weeks. They crave an Instagram perfect life. 

For these people, this work will have limited value. The REAL value is co-creating your life WITH the help of Superconscious. A powerfully imperfect life. There will still be ups and downs.

 For example, after I did my deep trauma release, I got really excited about giving up gluten. (Gluten makes you slightly high, which was now unnecessary) This led to a challenging few weeks where I had to really be present with myself. I came out the other side stronger, and then met my present partner, who has opened other doors in my life that I had never thought possible. There were some tough times in my 'get off gluten and meet your shadow side' month, and I know they led to where I am now - but part of the deal was accepting I was on a rollercoaster in January.