Testimonials for Harriet Morris 

A Freedom I Did Not Know Exists

Working with Harriet has changed my life in so many ways. Ever since discovering I was an empath recently, I have found the need to create more boundaries with people in my life. Harriet has guided me through in a very gentle, approachable way, giving personal examples of how she has created healthy boundaries with those in her life. In this way, I have been able to create a personal freedom I did not know exists. Thank you Harriet for helping me to create a life where I feel that I am in control and can still be who I am as an empath.

Trista Ainsworth

I Don't Have to Worry Anymore

I definitely had always thought of myself as sort of like a door mat and a pushover, and people had seen me that way, growing up – and I think that I had made some progress on boundaries, and had started to understand that that was what my problem was. When I started working with you, I started better understanding what they are. I feel like I’m making progress faster on this thing, because I feel like understand it better.

I got to a place where I wasn’t feeling like an imposter anymore, that I did have the knowledge and the confidence. I can make decisions for myself that give me what I need and fulfil my needs, and I don’t have to worry so much about upsetting or not pleasing other people.

Caito Stewart, New York


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I Was Able To Use My Words

Talking about a disagreement that we worked through in coaching:

That particular incident stopped holding so much power over me, whereas before I was kind of sulking because my feelings were hurt. The same person did something similar, and I was able to use my words and say “It hurt me” - and they apologised for that, and said how valuable I am to this process, to this organisation. They gave me permission to let them know in the future when I am feeling a little but discounted - so that opened up the door for that.

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Larissa Malcom


Hopeful For The Future

Harriet has been brilliant helping me evolve ‘the builder phone call strategy’.  It is so simple. I am having some work done on my house at the moment, and the builder often needs to ring me when I am out with friends. I used to feel guilty if I took these important calls – but Harriet suggested that I build in a pretend text from my builder when I am out that means I need to excuse myself for two minutes to send. It is practice to prove to myself that I can absent myself for a couple of minutes without all my friends rejecting me. This has been strangely life changing.  When I do it, it feels so utterly good for me and makes me feel hopeful for the future.

Client, London