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This  Facebook group is for you as an ex- or current people pleaser to feel better about who you are, and learn how to show up differently.

Managing my natural urge to connect with anyone and everyone has allowed me the greatest feeling of self-acceptance ever, without feeling the isolation I had feared. It has freed me from kowtowing to people I had no respect for, the endless addiction to struggle and the myth of 'self improvement'. 

What if we are actually OK as we are, in our beautifully imperfect way?

There is no running away from the world, but there ARE ways to manage our nature so we self protect while letting in the good stuff life has to offer and leveraging our amazing connection skills.

You are welcome whether you call yourself an empath, a highly sensitive person (HSP)...or neither!

In The Stop People Pleasing Facebook group, I regularly post videos about experiences that I would not put out there publicly, about how I show up differently nowadays vs how I used to when I was knee-deep in my people pleasing habits. 

This is also a safe, private space to share your experiences getting your life back and dealing with the challenges I talk about in the Stop People Pleasing podcast.

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