I have a terrible habit, one that basically destroys one working day
out of every 20.

I am a natural lark, which means that come 9pm when the kids have gone
to bed, my energy often takes a nosedive, especially in these grim and
dark Novembers we get every year in Britain.

The thing is, I love the post-Xbox quiet of my living room.

So once every few weeks I think “I think I’ll just sit here for a bit.
I’ll maybe choose a film to watch in a -”

…and before I’ve even finished that thought, I’ve nodded off – only
to wake up at 3am.

And waking up at 3am is what drains the life out of the next day. It’s
like having a hangover without the funny stories. I’m on half power.

I like to think of that fatal “I’ll just sit here for a bit” thinking
as HFTBing.


Hope for the best-ing.

Hoping for the best is just about the worst strategy any of us can use
to achieve our goals, because it asks the most motivated part of our
minds to leap into action at the time when we are least able to call
on it.

What’s your HFTB thinking when it comes to eating and health?

“Ill just pop to the gym…in a bit. Honestly”

“The diet starts tomorrow“.

“If I buy this in a smaller size, I’m SURE I’ll get into it by the holidays”

***An Alternative***

What can you do to stop relying on HFTBing?

Anything. Any plan you can formulate ahead of time is a win here.

For me it’s as simple as getting a DVD out BEFORE the kids get home
and putting it next to the TV, or laying out some sewing BEFORE the
tiredness hits me, texting a friend EARLIER ON to arrange a chat. Then
I don’t have to decide my staying awake strategy at the very moment
I’m falling asleep.

What about you? What can you put into place ahead of time to encourage
success? It may be as simple as a post-it which says “gym tonight
6pm – and no excuses”