In this video, veteran personal development blogger Steve Pavlina chats to Harriet about his experience with fasting. Steve shares some of his uncommon knowledge not just about fasting but about the very nature of motivation

We discuss

*How Steve built up the length of his fasts

*His take on fruit vs vegetable juice fasting

*What the 30 hour watershed means to him 

*The gains in mental clarity and productivity 

*How we can train our appetites to auto reduce through repeated fasts

*How the timing of the fasting window is crucial for Steve

*The vital element in his approach that can help you uncover the permanent solution to any problem

*How developing a relationship with fasting is far more useful – and easier – than seeing it as a short term fix

*How fasting can improve your relationship with eating 

*The gift hidden in the apparent drawbacks of fasting 

After the interview I talk in more depth about my thoughts on these topics we discussed:

  • Mental Clarity – why it needs a bit of patience but the rewards are huge
  • Timing of The Fasting Window
  • The difficulty of being able to appreciate food more after a fast if you have a history of food compulsion


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