S l o o o o o w Eating 

A Complete How To

Slowing down how fast you eat is a key component of Shapeshifting.

You can read all about the Why of slow eating here: Slow eating primer

In this programme nobody expects you to just make yourself slow down, or do it perfectly 100%.

We are going to start off with some slow eating games. More games and slow eating experiments to be added in future weeks.

S l o o o o o w Eating Games

The audio walkthrough has some slow eating games (listed below). Follow along, choose whichever work for you - and ditch the others.


Always remember that slow eating is a practice, NOT a perfect

NB You will need a timer for games 4 & 5 (use the one on your phone)


If the player doesn't work, just copy and paste this webpage address into your browser:

http://www. theshiftinside.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/SlowEatingGames.mp3


Games In This Walkthrough

  1. Deep breath before a mouthful
  2. Taste Detective
  3. Box Eating
  4. One Minute Mouthful
  5. Beat The Clock Backwards
  6. The Slo Mo Filmstar


I now recommend diaphragm breathing instead of box breathing for really optimising digestion. You can read the instructions here 

However, if you are feeling super stressed and hungry, and are more likely to do box breathing (it is simpler), then choose that.

Experiment - which one is better?


To Be Aware Of...

We are aiming to eat without distraction. This means no phone, no book, no TV, no newspaper.

...Ok, I get it. You are not going to do this 24/7. One of these games actually involves eating at a PC. And eating with others can be a way to check out and escape being present.

However, it is really important that you get in the habit of regularly eating as an activity in its own right. The games are designed to help you do this.



Photo by Andre Guerra


Other Games Coming Soon!


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