Is it really possible to move beyond the one month detox and make sugar-free a permanent thing? On the week that I celebrate my 6th anniversary being 95% free of processed sugar, I give you 5 key ideas that have really made the difference for me .

Plus an interview with Lori Massicot from the To 50 and Beyond podcast about the overlaps between recovery from sugar and from alcohol.


*Moment of The Week*

… what has walking got to do with going sugar-free?


*Main section- 5 Ways To Give Up Sugar – Permanently*

#1 Imperfectionism

Your 10, 15 or 30 day detox conceal a nasty wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing thinking : perfectionism. Your body is however powerfully imperfect, and will not put up with you treating it like a robot. The ‘NEVER AGAIN’ energy feels like an escape hatch from yourself, but it puts you back in the dock when you stop acting like a health-fixated robot on day 11, 16 or 31.

Just think where you’d be today if you had managed your feelings about that first post-detox piece of junk you ate this time last year, and prevented it being the opening of the junk floodgates…


#2 Decouple Your Sugar Status From Your Social Status

You will come up against social pressure to eat sugar and you need to be prepared. This section gives you some practical ideas.


#3 Find Something To Replace The Novelty Value of Being Sugar Free

No matter how great you feel in the first weeks of being sugar free, hedonic adaptation will arrive and make you forget about how wonderful this new life actually is. You need to connect to something deeper than your improved state to weather this inevitable process.


#4 Choose Your Discomfort

Stop chasing that elusive permanent happy state and instead opt for a much more realistic path to life satisfaction.

Do you choose:

A – endless struggle with temporary reprieves?


B – the discomfort of transformation – which is always temporary


#5 The Pauly Principle

Listen to find out exactly what this one is



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