Week 7


Maciej Pienczewski


This week is all about getting back on track if you feel the novelty has started to wear off. If you are self-sabotaging, never fear! Quite a few humans do this, and top bods at the Top Bod Mensa Scientist Genius Lab in Cleverville estimate that on average 100% of people self-sabotage at some point!

Most Important To Dos This Week:

#1 Diary Prep

#2 Read/watch/listen to the must-access resources and journal your thoughts as necessary

#3 Continue with the She Looks Great exercise from last week. It is really important.

#4 Heads up: For next week you will need a full length mirror, so see if you can get one before then if you do not own one.

Must-Access Resources

The Cycle of Change

I made up that institute above, but some very clever bods have actually shown that relapse is in fact completely normal...


A mixture of text and audio about the process  of recommitting

Other Resources

One idea that I did not include in the Recommitting page is that of using rewards. There are quite a few on this page for immediate positive feedback, but see if you can work towards something bigger and meaningful to you. Create a points system for slow eating, menu planning and exercise and make  those points add up to a weekend away or self-indulgent treat. I really like the Tally app for this.