Week 5

Just Say No!

Way back in the 80s there was a kids’ TV programme called Grange Hill which featured a storyline about a boy called Zammo who got into drugs. Just Say No was their accompanying song.

A hit that wiped out substance abuse in the youth of Britain forever? Unfortunately no.

Food compulsives reject the law breaking and conventional rebellion of illegal drugs and opt instead for the more easily hidden addiction to junk food and so on.

However, in Shapeshifting, I believe you need to also just say no - not to a pusher on a street corner, but to some far more socially acceptable pressures that are creating unneccessary stress for you.

The great news is that (A) This will be a game changer for your quality of life way beyond shapeshifting if you really open yourself to it and (B) there is no need to sing a dreadful 80s pop song to do it!


Your Must Do list for this week:

#1 Choose one thing from the Just Say No To... sections and either eliminate or reduce it for 7 days.

See how you feel after this experiment.

#2 Do diary prep for week 6

#3 Continue to optimise your diary prep

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