Week 4

Amy Reed

Fun and Pleasure 🙂

Having fun and getting pleasure from not just food but your life will not only help you stick with Shapeshifting, but it is actually a vital part of the process. Your Cavebrain needs you to be having more enjoyment out of life to allow you to shapeshift.

It's time to stop struggling so much with life. See if you can do any better than these two....

"We've gone on holiday by mistake!"

Clip from Withnail and I

Your must-do list this week is as follows:

#1 Do something fun!


#2 Do your diary prep for week 5


#3 Continue to optimise your diary prep as you go through this week

Must Read/Listen To Resources

Real vs Fake Pleasure (20  min listen)

If you do not allow yourself to get pleasure from eating - and other things - your Cavebrain will rebel and lead you headlong into chaotic eating and so forth. Understanding real vs fake pleasure is a vital step to avoiding this.

Why Pleasure Is Not Optional (8 min listen)

The reasons that pleasure and relaxation are vital to a look at the two areas of real pleasure you should  start focusing on

Other Resources

The Feel Amazing Challenge

Podcast episode in which I get high on food - with no pricetag!