Week 2

This week the focus is on optimising the plans you made in your diary prep.

Have you ever known anyone who has gone on a 3 week detox or bootcamp stay and come back full of the amazing changes they were able to implement? 

Part of that (temporary) success is down to a highly controlled environment, and part of it is down to the fact that they have no other responsibilities! Of course you can do X, Y and Z (then get going on A, B and C) if you have no work or family commitments!

On an isolated island far from any responsibility, the plans you made last week for diary prep have a high chance of being implemented in their present form.

Spoiler alert: You can forget about all that in this programme, because you are integrating improved eating habits and more activity into your life. Your busy and perhaps stressful life.

Be prepared to pivot and rethink. To get the lessons life is teaching you when your diary prep meets reality. 

How To Optimise Your Planning

What I find very useful is to make some quick bulleted notes at the end of each day: a tick for what went well and a "T.O" (To optimise) for the bits that didn't go to plan. 

I also take a minute here and there to rearrange things whenever a disruption occurs.

The audio journal and accompanying photos from my diary should first of all illustrate what I mean, and secondly lower any perfectionist expectations for this week. Please remember that you cannot fail as long as you are taking in the lessons that life is offering you.

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