Week 1

The main focus this week is on completing your first Shapeshifting diary prep for week 2.

This means that you need to wake up on the first day of week 2 and know the following information:

#1 What your menu for the week is

#2 When you are cooking/food prepping (specific days and times)

#3 When your activity sessions are (specific days and times and how long each time)

#4 When you are diary prepping for the following week

Other Areas To Focus On

Slow eating (see below for resources)


Do you have any individual extra pillars that would help you to add to the four we have looked at?

For example:

Reducing/eliminating alcohol

Reducing/eliminating caffeine

Increasing consumption of water

Environmental changes (eg getting rid of junk from your kitchen)

Resources for Week 1

Diary Prep

Your complete How To guide

Slow Eating - part 1

Why it is so important, and some slow eating games

No Plan Survives... with reality - so we need to learn the importance of adapting our diary prep plans to real life. 

The Day of 8 Decisions

An audio about how you can get past your negative self talk with repeated actions

Fishtank Audio

A relaxation audio to listen to with your eyes closed. Core message: You are enough.

Listen as often as you like.