Shapeshifting 2020

It's Time to Prepare!

When the pressure is on, you don't rise to the occasion; you fall to your highest level of preparation - Chris Voss

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Make sure you listen to this 7 min audio before you do anything else!

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What To Do In The Prep Stage

There are 4 things to do in the prep stage:

#1 Go through all of the sections below

#2 Try out some meals and snacks that follow the 2 nutritional guidelines detailed below

#3 Create your first week's menu and food prep plan as explained in that section

#4 Do the activity experiment

How long should the prep stage be?

It depends on various factors. Example: if you love cooking, you need less time to get your head round the idea of setting time aside for food prep than someone who never goes near a recipe book. I suggest you allow yourself two weeks - if you need that - to explore items #1 to #4 above. It does not matter if the prep time eats into the 90 days. The truth is that there will be new ideas and practices that everyone needs to get used to during month #1. As long as you are challenging your old behaviour patterns, you are using the time well.

The Weight Loss Failure Audit

Find out why the diet industry has failed you up til now, and not the other way round

The First Two Weeks

An important audio about setting your expectations for the first fortnight of this programme.

The Two Main Nutritional Guidelines You Need

Let's clear away a lot of confusion over what you should eat and keep things simple at this stage: the two nutritional guidelines you need to know right now.

Dealing With Self-Sabotage

However fired up you are right now, your resistance will rear its head at some point. So let's get in there and give you a powerful tool to manage it so it doesn't knock you off balance when it does appear.

Menu and Food Prep Planning

I share my step-by-step method, especially created for food rebels who are experts in finding excuses not to do either!

The Activity Experiment

How to get going on getting more active: a rebel's guide

Behaviour, Behaviour, Behaviour

A major mindset shift from external results to behavioural change - and why it is so vital for Shapeshifting