Date #23

The Emperor's New Photoshoot

I have a fascinating story for you today. 

First of all, listen to the story, as told by Cheryl Strayed, author of the memoir Wild. It is the first of two stories in this episode of the Audible podcast Hot Mic.

NB Although the opening theme says that the content is sexual (and many of the episodes are), none of this episode refers to sex.

Although this is a bit longer than 10 minutes, I thought it was really worth including.

The US size 12 mentioned = size 16 in the UK

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What To Do On This Date

Journal your ideas on the following:

#1 Why do you think I have left this date until near the end of this month? (Scroll down for my answer)

#2 True or false? this story has a happy ending. (scroll down for my answer)

#3 Journal any other insights you got from this story.

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My Journalling Answers

#1 I left this story to near the end of the month because I know you can cope with how Vogue lets Cheryl down. The stylists keep telling her ‘Vogue makes everyone beautiful’. The beautiful that they make everyone is, however, a plastic Barbie-doll beauty created in partnership with the be less culture. My hope is that you have replaced that harsh and misogynistic ideal of beauty with a more real one that allows us to be our glorious, imperfect selves.

#2 Ultimately I believe that this story has a happy ending, as symbolised by the fact that Cheryl does not even buy a copy of the edition that she is featured in. She prefers her real self to Barbie Cheryl.