Optimise Your Shapeshifting

Now you have completed your diary prep in week 1, it's time to see how it pans out in week 2.

I suggest that you keep a note of what works and what needs changing AKA optimising. This need not take more than 5 - 10 minutes at the end of each day. Just do bullet points.

Below is my audio journal (in 3 parts) and bullet points from my first week of implementing my diary prep. As you listen to the audios, scroll down to read the notes so they make proper sense.

Key : T.O. = To Optimise

Audio Journal part 1: Monday & Tuesday

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Audio Journal part 2: Wednesday

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Audio Journal part 3: Thursday

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I hope you get the idea from these pretty detailed journals for Mon-Thursday of what to expect. I did want to add one detail from Friday. I had planned as my activity experiment five x 1 hour gym sessions. On Friday morning I intended to do session 4 of the week, and when - at 9.15am - I started thinking about when my gym visit was going to be, I immediately felt like going back to bed. My body felt a bit like it used to the day after a long hike. 

As Saturday is out for the gym, I decided to go on Sunday and therefore life has optimised my five exercise sessions to be four.

Only you can decide if your activity experiment is too ambitious. I knew mine was, because I am usually up and raring to go at 9.15 in the morning!