Shapeshifting 2020

The 2 Main Nutritional Guidelines

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Every person is unique, and determining the tailor-made perfect meal plan for you probably takes a bit of time. However, there are 2 guidelines that in 6 years coaching compulsive eaters have worked for virtually everyone.

Here they are:

#1 Eat protein and healthy fat

#2 Eat them in the first half of the day (ie breakfast and lunch)

These two pages will give you all the details as to why these two guidelines are so important:

Macronutrient balance

Eating rhythm

Guidelines, Not Rules

I have used the word guidelines instead of rules very deliberately. 

Rules give too much fuel to your inner food rebel's fire. Diets are full of rules and diets do not work. 

Instead of mistrusting yourself and trying to drill sergeant yourself into change, you present these guidelines to yourself as a scaffold that can feel uncomfortable at times but is helpful.

If one day you really want a very carb-heavy lunch, allow yourself that......and observe what happens. This is how you trust yourself with food again.

Maybe those carbs are junk and your mood nosedives while your cravings make an unwelcome return 2 hours later. Are you willing to take the lesson and next time stand up to yourself - allow yourself to try a different response?

On the other hand, maybe those carbs are wholewheat spaghetti bolognese, accompanied by a salad that you add an avocado to. You had a bad night's sleep and the pasta really hit the spot. It was a good call.

Say you really love a certain carb-based breakfast. No need to say goodbye to it forever. How about swapping it 4 days a week? Or adding nuts/avocado/smoothie etc ?

As long as you make sure that most days you include protein and healthy fat to breakfast and lunch, that is a triumph. 

In the next 90 days, you will be developing other habits that make exactly what you eat not quite the life-and-death decision you may think it is now.

What To Do Now

Experiment! Use this time to have a go at making dishes containing protein and healthy fat. I encourage you to find other recipes online.

Try one day with a very nutritious breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch. Does this reduce hunger pangs and cravings later on?

What About Other Guidelines?

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