Many Tools For One Job 

The idea of many tools for one job is that sometimes you need two or three strategies to get you to eat slowly/go to the gym/do your diary prep...or anything else that you are resisting.

Sometimes it is not enough to put your slot for menu planning in your diary, or to just offer yourself a reward for doing this.

Sometimes you need to use as many tactics as possible, all at the same time.

Here are some you can use simultaneously:

*Environmental changes (get rid of the junk from your home. Now you have to go out and buy the junk it is less easily accessible)

*Cravings busters (use a diversion and train your brain to take that action automatically whenever you get a craving)

*Rewards -See this page 

*Accountability - tell someone else you will hold off for five minutes then report back to them. This is also a good way to get...

*Acknowledgment - you feel good when that person congratulates you for sayig no to the junk

This idea is also discussed in Steve Pavlina's article Overwhelming Force

as well as a podcast episode I made about that article

To Do

Game out when you are most likely to need help standing up to your resistance. What strategies can you use at the same time?

Thinking about this ahead of time will make the whole thing easier.