Slow Eating Games - Part 2

Here are a couple more games to try this week to make slow eating easier.

More or Less

Best for food you eat with a spoon. In this game, you vary the amount of food you eat in each mouthful.

Spoonful 1 = tiny (a quarter of a spoonful)
Spoonful 2 = twice the amount of #1
Spoonful 3 = twice spoonful #2 (whole spoonful)

...and repeat for the whole meal. Start with say just a couple minutes of this game at the start of a meal. See how it plays with your perceptions of how much a whole spoonful feels like! Like an optical illusion for the soul!

Ross Face

This is an add on to any other slow eating game. It helps  you extend the time you spend eating.

Look at Ross’ face when he finds out Rachel is pregnant:

Now imagine he is eating (and has his mouth closed) when she tells him the big news. He probably would not  chew for a few seconds.

Ross Face is when you pretend you have just heard some surprising news in the middle of a meal. Just hold the food in your mouth for say 10 seconds and do not chew it. Surprisingly satisfying!

Some Thoughts on If The Games Start To Wear A Bit Thin

January 2020

I invented all of these slow eating games, and I am proud of how they are a great 'in' to allow you to prove to yourself that you can actually slow down when you eat. However, I never really stuck to any of them for a great deal of time in the same way that Buzzfeed has eye catching headlines but you soon get bored of all that link bait.

Recently, as part of The Shapeshifting programme, I have created a simple guideline for myself: to take a minimum time for each meal. I set my timer and make sure my last mouthful goes in when I reach that minimum time. You can hear my audio for that here

It may be that for you games are a great idea for beginners, but a simple rule like stick to the minimum time is what works longterm. Try both and see which is more effective.


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