The 4 Pillars of Shapeshifting 

The Four Pillars of Shapeshifting

#1 Better Nutrition

Eat better rather than count calories or follow a set paleo diet for example. Experiment with different foods. Use guidelines to tailor your own perfect-for-YOU eating plan. Learn to trust yourself again with food. Get help and accountability with meal planning and making time to prepare and cook food.


#2 How You Eat

What you think of as how you eat is about the food you put in your mouth. Not so in Shapeshifting - this refers to what happens once you have chosen those foodstuffs.

Learn for example to eat more slowly using fun games, plus other strategies for a better how when it comes to meals. Learn to accept the inherent imperfectionism of this. Unless you live atop a mountain in Tibet, this will always be a practise - not a perfect.


#3 Active Resilience

Ditch the be less or be musclebound in extremis of the diet industry. Instead, reframe exercise as a way to deal with life. Those feel-good endorphins are the givers of greater physical, mental and emotional resilience. Cue no need to comfort/emotionally/stress eat. This does not happen overnight, but I will give you the tools to get consistently more active.

#4 The Psychology of Change

This goes beyond the quick fixes and soundbites of people who have never had to face the resistance to change you feel. Well, I have and I am excited to bring you a whole toolbox of ideas and practical strategies that work in the real world, whatever your track record of self-sabotage is. For example: The power of strategic lack of commitment, neutralising guilt over one unhealthy choice, how to get under the radar of your conscious mind to turn food prep or exercise into automatic choices, and what The Effortless Tipping point is.