Shapeshifting 2020

Programme Information

Hello and thank you so much for your interest in this programme. This page is to give out information about Shapeshifting 2020 as I develop it. 

Please be aware that I have the core principles defined, and will develop it as we all move through the 90 days. I always welcome feedback and questions and suggestions. It is an exciting prospect to develop a project alongside a group of roadtesters. Don't be shy!


Duration: 90 days, starting Monday 6th January. There will be materials available on 1st January. I am also hosting a group Zoom video call on Thursday 2nd at 8pm Uk time (repeated at 11pm UK time) and then Sunday 5th January 8pm UK time. (These days may change).


Peer Group: Max 10 participants. 2 Zoom video calls a week, Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Depending on the time zones of participants, the calls will be at

Tuesdays: 8pm UK time (= 3pm Eastern) and 11pm (= 6pm Eastern)

Sundays: 8pm UK time

There will also be a Slack group for members to communicate with each other and for everyone to share thoughts and triumphs etc.


Content: Everything I teach will be also provided in webpage format. I have a wealth of client-only materials that I can draw upon for this.


This is a beta tester group and therefore the investment will reflect this. In other words, people in the next Shapeshifting group I run will pay quite a lot more! I have always set myself apart from other coaches through the high level of support I offer (daily check ins for example), and think this could be a game changer for shapeshifting.

Monthly fees for February and March are yet to be finalised (by end of December); however I can confirm that January will be a taster month to see if this approach works for you at a cost of £31 - a pound a day!

Daily check ins and one-to-one sessions are available at an extra cost - to be finalised by the end of December.

Participation Rewards - one thing I am excited about is using rewards for greater participation. For example, a discount off February's fee or a one-to-one session if you do X Y and Z (to be finalised).