A Free Eating Coach Interactive Session

The 5-Minute Appetite Suppressant

Thursday 28th July, 8pm UK (3pm Eastern) on Zoom 

There is no charge for awesomeness 😉

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About This Session

Imagine if there were an appetite suppressant that was 100% natural, with zero side effects. 

One that is also a digestive aid and can help reduce stress.

The only drawback is that you need to sit and do nothing for 5 minutes while the pill takes effect.

Oh yes, and it's free too.

Q: Would you take it?

A: Why the heck wouldn't you? Something 100% natural that makes you eat less, with a price tag of £0.

At this point you may be thinking: What's the catch, Harriet? 

And there is one - but it's a catch in the same way that you need to learn to read in order to enjoy The Harry Potter series.

A 'catch' that you'll be glad exists.

Ok,  so the catch, the big reveal - is that this appetite suppressant is….

Slow eating.


Confused? Disappointed?

Yes Harriet, I’m Totally Confused

What if I told you that eating fast blocks satiety (fullness) signals to your brain. Your stomach can’t really know it has had food if it’s coming in too fast - and your body cannot properly digest and use the nutrients in the food if you have not chewed it properly.

This is a bit like a quiet drink in a cosy pub that suddenly gets overwhelmed by 20 party goers. How well would you be able to get to know each of the new arrivals?

Yes Harriet, I’m Pretty Disappointed

What if I told you that eating fast puts your body into a state of stress, which triggers the release of cortisol - the fat storage hormone which is responsible for millions of people's central obesity AKA belly fat. 

Central obesity is one indicator that you could be starting down the path to type II diabetes.

So maybe the point of slow eating is to avoid eating your way to a big tummy and a big health problem down the line.

Now, what if I told you that there was a easier-than-you-think way to get started with this thing that you assume is too hard and undervalue in order to justify your perception of its difficulty? 

The answer is to get started in five minute increments.

The answer is to turn slow eating into a game, thereby removing all the pressure.

The answer is to leverage the power of a tribe to motivate you.

The answer is to attend The Eating Coach Zoom session on Thursday 28th July at 8pm UK time.

It is free, but there will be no recording. This is only for people who take the trouble to attend. It is a highly experiential session. (Can't make it? Email me info (at) theshiftinside dot com - as I can re run this session if there is enough interest).

In it you will….

* Understand the science behind why slow eating is such a powerful appetite suppressant and digestive aid, not to mention anti-stress technique

* Discover two simple and fun slow eating games that work with zero effort on your part

What you will NOT have to do:

No need to eat slowly for more than five minutes 

No need to eat on camera (you can turn it off if you like - your choice)

Bring a piece of fruit or salad veg (eg apple, banana, cucumber, celery etc), a plate and a knife 

This session is free. If you already get my Note From emails, there is no action to take - I will remind you and send you the Zoom link in good time.

Otherwise, fill in the form to ensure you get the Zoom link. This will not be posted in the Facebook group.