A Free Eating Coach Interactive Session

The 3 x 1 Project

Tuesday 1st Oct, 8pm UK (4pm Eastern) on Zoom 

There is no charge for awesomeness 😉

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About This Session

The 3x1 Project is a one month, low maintenance way to slide a healthy new habit into your busy life - right under the radar of your self sabotage!

How many times have you started off with phrases like MASSIVE ACTION careering round your brain, high on your good intentions - only to be tripped up by your own resistance X days later (you insert the number)

What if you accepted that resistance is a fact of life, and instead created a workaround that allowed you to make real, sustainable progress on ONE area of your health?

This is the 3 x 1 plan

What Is The 3 x 1 Project?

One Seedling Change 
One Support Scaffold in your daily routine
Once-a-day progress check and celebrate

A Seedling Change is a small change that, over time, yields extraordinary results if done consistently. Think 20 minutes exercise daily, or 15 min meal planning. 

A Support Scaffold is how you ensure that you actually DO the seed change.

On the call everyone will decide their seed change and I will guide you to choose the best support scaffold.

This approach will teach your mind and body to act in spite of your own resistance AND FEEL AWESOME in the process. You will train your brain to get a hit of feel good dopamine from even small successes. What do you think is going to happen to your motivation? It will skyrocket. And your resistance? It will divebomb.

Get your link to join the planning session on Tues 1st Nov at 8pm UK time.