A free 30-minute Adventures in Fasting Interactive session

The Secret To No-Struggle Fasting

Thursday 30th June, 7.30pm UK (2.30pm Eastern) on Zoom 

What's the one piece that everyone is missing?

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About This Session

Starring a comedian, a boardroom cliche...and Leo Tolstoy. Whether you're struggling with intermittent or 24hr+ fasts, this Zoom session with fasting coach Harriet Morris is a must-attend for you. 

Why is it that we are designed by evolution to be able to manage without food, yet so many find fasting a struggle - one that never gets any easier? Find out why (hint: it's an entirely culturally manufactured lie that you can opt out of today) . I will give you a new way to think about the challenge of fasting that will get you out of the struggle trap quicker than you can say "Bye Bye diabetes, autoimmune disease and many, many more". 

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