Healthy Eating & Body Image Talks For Schools & Colleges

My name is Harriet Morris and I am an eating psychology coach. I am looking to develop my harrietmorrisdirectorywork with teenagers around creating a healthier relationship with food and improving their body image.

I would like to offer my services to your school. I am happy to work in small groups or present to whole classes. My only stipulation is that I work with single sex groups. Girls especially would benefit from being able to discuss these issues without boys being present. My talks are most suitable for key stage  4 pupils and older teens, but I am open to working with younger students.

As an ex secondary school teacher, I can bring my understanding of how to present concepts to this age group in a simple, memorable way without being preachy or telling them what to do.

I have a talk that I think would be perfect for this age group on why diets fail 99% of the population. This would cover concepts such as:

* Severe calorie restriction – why it ultimately makes many people fat (their body goes into starvation mode)

* How you eat is more important than most people think (eating fast stops us digesting food properly, and so getting the maximum nutrients from it. Result: the body wants more food sooner as it has not had any decent fuel. Slowing down will help digestion and weight loss)

* Hating your body will increase the chances of comfort eating. Using the example of plus size models I will demonstrate how it is possible to accept your body, whatever the size.

* Eating protein and healthy fat at breakfast and lunch will reduce cravings for junk food and help mood swings and energy dips, which can lead to unhealthy eating. There are also a range of other benefits that appeal to teens, such as better skin and hair. Depending on the group, there is also room here for a discussion on how the diet industry profits from people’s ignorance about nutrition.

I am open to working with your students in other ways – please feel free to suggest any ideas you might have.

I have a valid DBES certificate (January 2014).

Please contact me if you have any further questions, either on 07 78 62 855 92 or at theshiftinside {at}

About Harriet Morris

I suffered with compulsive eating and excess weight for over 20 years, before discovering the power of my mind to change how I eat. I have lost 3 stone without dieting. I then trained with The Institute For The Psychology of Eating as an eating psychology coach.

I am not allied to any one dietary system. My mantra is ‘what works for each individual’.

You can see my numerous videos if you visit my blog.

As well as working one-to-one with clients, I have 3 books on Amazon. Visit my Amazon author page to find out more.