Scaffolding is all the routines and habits that support you reclaiming your life from food.

For example:

Slow eating
Macronutrient balance in the first half of the day
Menu planning
Cooking and food prep
Planning what to eat on busy days
Physical activity


Grounding work
Theta work

Decluttering and tidying your home

The idea is that planning ahead will make these scaffolding routines as consistent and effortless as possible.

What follows is an example of scaffolding in practice. Be sure to adapt it to your own needs.

First, Decide What Your Scaffold Will Be Made Of 

List all your routines under 3 headings: once a week, a few times a week and daily

Next, highlight the one routine that is more important than any other

Now in a different colour, highlight the next 2 most important routines

Next, Create Your Scaffolding Tick Sheet

Use the example (PDF) one as a guide

Here is the word document so you can change it yourself if you are a PC user.

IMPORTANT: If your routine changes, be sure to account ahead of time in your scaffolding. Eg say you are going out to the cinema on a cooking evening. Plan to buy a ready meal or get something from the freezer that night. Do you also need to take a sugar replacement? If so, plan when to make or buy it.