The Two Missing Links In Your Stress Eating 

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 Stress Eating Video Course

At the end of this hour-plus of video training, you’ll be able to:


Understand why you stress eat (hint: it’s got nothing to do with lack of willpower, or you not wanting to change enough)
Identify mood hijacker foods – those addictive snacks that send your mood and energy levels into freefall without the need for expensive tests


Use pause button strategies – these are real practical things you can to step back from the high fat/high sugar aisle, even if your cravings feel overwhelming


Neutralise stress – drop the traditional and useless notion of ‘overcoming stress’ and instead overturn your relationship to life’s challenges so you have less need to overeat in the first place


Stop resorting to ineffective relaxation techniques and replace them with a curiosity-driven adventure to reclaim your quality of life


Use stress constructively when appropriate


Start looking for your own inner cover stories that keep you stuck in overwhelm


Identify the 10 causes of stress and differentiate between purpose-driven and the 5 types of unnecessary stress


Use the practical tools and real-life examples given to develop your own strategies to reduce that unnecessary stress
 Stress Eating Video Course

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What Exactly Is In The Course?

Part 1 – Neutralising Stress

Understanding the original survivial-based function of stress and how to reframe it: change it from the quality-of-life invader into something that we can either reduce (if it is uneccessary stress) or transform into something that helps us up our game of life (for purpose-driven challenges).

Part 2 – Why You Stress Eat

Get rid of useless notions such as “I stress eat because I have no willpower” and liberate yourself. Understanding the hidden reasons that you – and millions of others- have overeaten under pressure allows you to shed unnecessary guilt and empower yourself to work with, not against, your biology and psychology. Some real Aha moments in this section.

Part 3 – Introduction to Mood Hijacker Foods

Are you someone whose brain chemistry is being hijacked by certain foodstuffs? Signs are volcanic mood swings, low energy, PMT and brain fog. How to identify which items are affecting you, without paying for expensive tests. 3 tried-and-tested sugar replacement recipes are included.

Part 4 – Pause Button Strategies

It’s all very well learning about the psychology of reducing stress eating, but what if all your good intentions turn to dust in the face of your overwhelming food cravings when you’re under pressure? This section explains the simple neuroscience behind how you can retrain your brain to automatically respond differently to the urge to stress eat – and gives 7 practical ways to do this.

Part 5 – Overwhelm Triggers

We now move beyond stress eating and work on overhauling your attitude to stress itself. We explore the 10 types of stress. For each type, We ask 4 powerful, challenging and ultimately liberating questions to work out how necessary or otherwise it is. I give suggestions for practical ways to move through life’s challenges differently.