Date #29

What's Next?

The first person I ever helped get off sugar went through the prototype for my 14 day Freedom From Sugar course. I remember her saying “After the last day, I just went back to day one.”

I loved the humility in this. She was fully aware that a month wasn’t the end of the work, that she knew she had to keep chipping away at her sugar addiction.

And so it goes with body confidence. It is like physical fitness - you need to keep doing the exercises (or in this case, dates) to carry on managing Cavebrain and building your body confidence. The world is set up to send Cavebrain into a tailspin and nobody else is going to answer Cavebrain's two questions (Am I in danger? and Does the tribe accept me?) for you.

A Continuation Programme

In the near future, I am going to offer a continuation programme for anyone who wants to look deeper at any of the ideas that have struck a chord with them, or needs help implementing the strategies.

I would like your input into what you would like to see in such a programme.

Here are my initial ideas:

Building Healthy Boundaries - Where do you need to say no more in your life? How to speak your truth, even if it terrifies you.


Freedom From Mood Hijacker Foods - There are some junk foods that create emotional chaos: irritability, mood swings, brain fog, PMS, fatigue and more. This state of emotional chaos can make it hard to make friends with your body because junk will take you out of your body, and secondly, Cavebrain has no chance of relaxing when you are addicted to junk. We will look at how to free yourself from these mood hijacker foods, even if you are a dyed in the wool food rebel.


Dating, Relationships & Sex - One area that I would liked to have looked at in greater depth is using dating and/or your relationship to deepen your body confidence. This can be a goldmine if you approach it in the right way. I have very consciously leveraged the relationships I have been in since my marriage ended to ramp up my body confidence and sex life. The secret here is that men get their sense of self from how attractive they are to us women. If we are open to allowing them to help us love our bodies at the most intimate times, it's a win-win for everyone... especially Cavebrain! 🙂


Dealing With Stress - let's go beyond meditation and the relaxation audios, and look at revolutionising what you prioritise. How many other people's goals are you putting before the wellbeing of your Cavebrain? Can we use the upside of stress to work smarter?


What To Do On This Date

Email me info {at} if you are interested in exploring any of these areas.

I am also interested in if anyone would like the option of having some kind of online group they could join.