Date #4

Better Posture

Imagine your spine has just been turned into a steel rod. Sit or stand up straight now and look straight ahead.

Do you feel different?

More confident perhaps? 

Better posture just makes you feel like you own the room that bit more. However, it is also really good for your health.

Have a look at this video...

What To Do On This Date

Below I have posted a variety of videos. Choose whichever appeals to you. Please note that I have no medical training and have chosen these videos based on my layperson's knowledge.

Also, better posture is a new part of The BCP for me personally, after a participant mentioned in a check in that she decided to improve hers. 

1 Minute Posture Exercise

I found I could not hold this for 1 minute, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much taller I felt after just a few seconds (like 20) of this.

This now concludes the 5-day taster of The Body Confident Project.

If you have enjoyed these past few days, I'd like to invite you to join the full Body Confident Project.

A glimpse of what else is in store...

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Choose From Online only or Online + Coaching

The Body Confident Project - Online 

30 days of a variety of activities
Extra optional content

The Body Confident Project - Online + Coaching

30 days of a variety of activities
Extra optional content
3 x 30 min one-to-one coaching sessions via Zoom
4 weeks' daily check ins via Voxer or email (Mon- Fri)



  • Go beyond meaningless phrases like “It’s the personality that counts” and develop a rock-solid inner confidence based on neuroscience
  • Learn to decode your harsh inner critic and silence her
  • Learn why you haven’t failed at exercise - it’s failed you
  • ...and change what it means so you can start to fall in love with getting active
  • Be the role model for girls around you that you’ve always wanted to be
  • Understand why mirrors often lie
  • Discover the 8 desire triggers that all heterosexual men respond to that have absolutely nothing to do with your body shape
  • Deal better with stress and learn how to stand up to negative people