Body Confidence Updates

This is the page for all your BCP updates.

May 2020

It is still pretty much full on lockdown as I write this update.

What I have experienced - and this is echoed by other women who I have spoken to who have been through the BCP - is that lockdown has been a pretty taxing thing for body confidence. Partly because some of the types of activity we enjoyed have closed down, and partly because of the increased stress levels, among other factors. I myself was in such a tailspin at the start that exercises like She Looks Great went straight to the bottom of the priority pile. Without the gym 3 or 4 times a week, my clothes feel tighter.

Recently my stress load has eased off and I have been using this as an opportunity to rebuild my body confidence, even within the restrictions that still exist. 

Below is a list of the strategies I have been using. I can tell you that they have started working - in less than a week I feel more accepting of my now heavier body.

#1 Buy some new clothes


#2 Increase activity


#3 Grounding Meditations

#4 Walking barefoot on the earth