Date #2

Are You Stone or Plastic?

First, watch this 7-minute video:

Corrections to the video:

#1 I make it sound like Buzzfeed is claiming that eating apple pips makes trees grow out of your ears! In fact that article is about crazy things kids believe (see below for the link)

#1 I say date #3 is in 2 days. This date was originally going to be the first. So ignore that because date #3 = tomorrow

Questions to journal or think about:

#1 What beliefs did you have as a child or teenager that you laugh at now? (If you want to jog your memory, take a look at the Buzzfeed article I mention in the video. I thought nothing could supercede my shower that turns you into a mushroom, but #19 on that page was hilarious!)


The Buzzfeed article with funny examples of children's beliefs:

The article with examples of brain plasticity - the sea gypsies etc

What Participants Said...

Cindy said: I used to believe that fairies were real. I even made little gardens for them! The one piece of advice I would give my 15 year-old self is to trust your instincts - becaus ethey are good - and don't change yourself for anyone.